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As a modern day indie artist I’ve had my ups and down, successes and hardships and bridges over troubled water more times than I can count. I have been on Youtube for 8 years, and have learned a lot of things along the bumpy road. Drawing up the idea of the lovely indie, it is my goal to create a place for the diy musicians, humble artists, bloggers and life lovers of today, to have a place to be inspired and learn hints along the way.


My music started on my family farm outside of Thamesville, Ontario. I started with piano at the age of 6 attending lessons every week, and spent every summer selling sweet corn with my sisters. I never really enjoyed piano so young and by the time I reached highschool, I quit. After high school, I spent a one year exchange living in Bom Despacho, Brazil – a small town in between farmlands and green mountainous roads. The trip opened my eyes to the realities and opportunities of the real world, and I quickly caught the travel bug.

When I returned home, it was time for me to experience college, so I enrolled in Film School to pursue a new dream of documentary filmmaking. I wanted to show the world what I see through the lens of a camera. That September of 2008 changed my life. Without a television or friends in this big new city, I discovered youtube and became mezmerized by all of the cover songs and new artists I was learning about. I was so inspired and I wanted in. I asked my mom to bring down that dusty acoustic sitting in the closet back home, and then it began. With the help of YouTube tutorials, I learned guitar in 3 months, and began writing my own songs shortly after. From uploading new youtube videos every week, I have gained world wide exposure. With more than 4 000 000 organic views and 37 000 followers on social media, I have attracted audiences young and old to my unique channel and pages. From cover songs to originals, my videos seem to have the ability to charm viewers for hours at a time… And of course, I couldn’t be more thrilled about it all!

I released my first EP entitled ‘learn’ in November 2010. Poetic, imaginable and honest are words people often use to describe my music and personality. One popular song on this release entitled “Change the World” was noticed by Canadian telecommunications corporation, TELUS Mobility, and many other companies around the world thereafter. I was approached to use this song in an ad campaign “We Give Where We Live”, which focuses on the company’s philanthropy across Canada. From this campaign, I have helped to raise $10 000 for the charity of my choice, ‘Make Children Better Now’, a foundation in my home town that raises awareness and aid to children who are bullied.

In October 2012 I released my first full length album “Apple of my Eye”, which tells relatable tales about love and life with the accompaniment of sweet, sweet melodies. I penned each song in its own unique space amongst my travels, cozy at home during holiday seasons, and even away at school between hours of exams and projects. Three years in the making, finally I was able to capture my newest melodies in the purest of albums, bursting with emotion and every song sung straight from my heart.

Apart from music, I have taken a liking to blogging and sharing interesting new things, staying social with friends and fans and keeping the world up to date on all things ‘Jessica’. I have travelled and experienced the depths of Africa several times and each time discovering even more exciting things. I have spent days lying on the beach, while other days pushing a 4×4 out of the mud in the middle of a sweltering desert. Every day is a beautiful challenge when I am out of my comfort zone and nothing makes me happier.
Most of my greatest acheivements have stemmed from that first trip alone, as a 17 year old highschool graduate. My soul has been awakened by travel and adventure, and I wouldn’t be the curious person I am today, without it. I hope to inspire people to dream farther than any star, and help make the world a better place for billions of years to come. I am always creating to “Change the World” through music and filmmaking, and hope that my art will leave you feeling uplifted and inspired too.

Hope is the thing with feathers

That perches in the soul

And sings the tune without the words

And never stops at all

-Emily Dickinson