The Lovely Indie is a lifestyle and music blog run by award-winning Canadian songstress Jessica Allossery. From millions of youtube views, to three international tours, to winning multiple awards on Sirius XM Radio, she’s accomplished more as an independent musician over the past 10 years than many have accomplished in a lifetime.

In the world of digital media, Jessica writes for her audience about her adventures living as an independent artist, and the challenges associated with pursuing her dreams of music. Let her soulful voice and honest writing soothe your mind as you dive into the life of a songwriter.


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Jessica Allossery - indie folk Songstress & Creator

Oh, hiiii! THANK YOU for stopping by! My name is Jessica Allossery and I am a folk artist & creator from London, Ontario Canada. I’ve started this blog to have a place to share my music, videos, short films, tour schedule, custom songs, travel stories, indie musician stuff and everything in between!

Here at The Lovely Indie, I hope to bring you inspiration & light through my own real-life-stories, as well as connecting with other life lovers, dreamers, & people just like YOU. Share your best jokes, most heartfelt stories and funniest cat videos with me, and join me along this bumpy journey called LIFE. Get ready for a fun ride ahead with many laughs, a few tears and of whole lotta eye ball hearts…cause you can never get too much of those.  😍😍😍



She left pieces of her life behind her,
everywhere she went…it’s easier to feel
sunlight without them she said.
– Brian Andreas



TADA! Annnnd there’s not much else to it!!! jk! Ok actually yes there is. There’s a whoooole lot of fancy, fun, creative, interesting stuff to mix up the boring day-to-day shenannies. If you wanna learn more about me & my life, click here! You can also opt in for monthly updates on my latest news & adventure – which I promise will be chuck full of laughter & good vibes only 🙂


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