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How to grow your empire on Social Media

September 29, 2015

Sooo you wanna have an empire? Who Doesn’t!?

That’s good. I’ll be your friend. Pick me! Pick me!! I’ll love your forever, make hot soup when you’re sick, and sponge bathe you until the cows come home. (…don’t quote me on it though.)

Here are some hot tips about how to grow your online fanbase:




Ain’t nobody gonna wait five million years for their favorite artists next video. We want it now!

This rule applies to bigger, meatier content like youtube videos or big blog posts…content that takes time and effort. I try to upload 2 videos per month. Nooo biggie.  This is a very attainable goal.

Set an attainable goal for yourself!

Creating and following a monthly schedule is as painful as it is wonderful. Having a routine schedule is necessary. It allows YOU, the artist, to know the tasks you must complete for the month. With this sexy info, it gives you the freedom to plan ahead and work around your own schedule. The benefit for your fans is that they can know what to expect from you and when, and will respect your work without hassling you constantly for news and updates. The best part is, youtube and blogging are FREE! Free free free. Who doesn’t love free?? So get to it! No excuses! Time to more,diy,social,media,music


Erbody likes to be in the loop. Could you imagine having to be one of those peeps on the outside looking in, left hanging high and dry?

I used to have the mentality that I should keep a distance from my fans. I thought that too many interactions could bore them, and send them away forever. I also had this brilliant idea that I should act mysterious and maybe they will be intrigued to know more. THIS DID NOT WORK. I quickly learned that I, being a fan of other musicians, always loved seeing the personal home videos of my favourite artists. I loved seeing what they were up to on a daily basis. I loved it when they let me in.

Don’t make your fans stand out in the cold while you’re enjoying a warm cup of tea on your nice cozy sofa. Share that cozy sofa selfie! Let them in. Make them feel comfortable. They will love you, respect you, and appreciate you more than ever if you are honest and open. Now I’m not saying go on and share info about a parasite you caught on your trip to tim-buck-two. There is a limit here friends…. Don’t go THAT far. Still…invite them into your digital living room while serenading them with an online live-streamed house concert or a live webinar. Upload selfies with your dog. TELL US WHAT YOU EAT FOR BREAKFAST.  We love that stuff, and will fall in love with you each new post.

These types of communication are amazing because it will make your fans feel special and more connected, which will make them more supportive in the long run. This kind of long-term trust equals loyalty and friendship, and that’s what every musician should be looking for in a fan base.



Not everybody is good at every kind of social media app, and that’s ok! Don’t cry about it, you’re still a winner in my eyes.

But seriously, there are about a bazillion social media outlets out there, all competing for your attention. Don’t fall in the trap. You don’t have to be on all of them to align your social media stars. Choose only the ones that draw you in, the one your can relate to and the ones that are easiest to navigate. In this world, time is money and money is time, and you can’t be updating 87 of your social media accounts every minute of every day.

The social media sites that I use regularly are Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and  Twitter. I tried that Snappie Chattie thing once, but I discovered that I just can’t stand it. So I dropped it, and became 100% happier.




Ok people, this one’s basic.
But I still got some hard news for you. As you are diving into the world of star-aligning-social-media-goodness, you have to prepare yourself to know that you are never offline as a content creator. So you gotta love it… You gotta crave it, live it, and BE it. Respond to every email and every message posted on your wall. Acknowledge every fan, interact and have a genuine interest to connect and learn about them, just as they have the interest to know about you. If you’re fans are really worthy, they will appreciate learning more about you as a HUMAN, not just you as an ARTIST. This in turn will create a beautiful friendship, and a community of amazing supporters. And if you’re lucky, it will give you the added bonus of making the world a better place by connecting people through the wonderful content that you create… which should be everybody’s ultimate goal here!

Final notes:

I love my fans.
I love my subs.
They are not just stats to me… They are my family, my empire, my SUPER AWESOME GROUPIES!!! I wouldn’t be anywhere without them or their support, and that truly means everything in the world to me. If you have this mentality while building your OWN empire, then you can be sure that all good things are comin’ your way.


Thanks for reading!


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