Host a Concert in your living room!

At any given time, I am always searching for willing families to host a house concert for me in their cozy home. My schedule is (almost) WIDE open as House Concerts normally take priority before any other gig!

In addition to regular house concert shows, I am currently putting together a 2017 USA Summer House Concert Tour¬†across Canada and the USA, while I road trip with Pearl the Camper! ūüėć

After North America, I would like to tour Brazil, Europe and anywhere else the world would like to take me! So whether you’re from the north pole or from way down south, please get in touch with me¬†by email¬†or¬†you can¬†CLICK HERE¬† and get the printable invitation template from below. (***PS if you opt in for the printable template, please¬†check your inbox OR junk mail inbox for further instructions!)

House Concert Invitation - Template

Host a Cozy House Concert!

Host a House Concert with indie-folk artist Jessica Allossery


What’s a house concert?

A house concert is when you invite your closest friends, family, coworkers & neighbours to watch me perform¬†a 2 hour¬†show¬†in your cozy space. Minimum required guests are 30 people but more are warmly invited!! The show can be held in your living room, kitchen, sunroom,¬†backyard, garage, patio, church, barn, dog house LOL jk! ūüėā Ok ok let’s not go that far…But almost any space will do!! As long as there is a small power outlet and lots of GOOD VIBES in the air.

Why should I host one?

House concerts¬†are an¬†incredibly special way to form deep connections with your friends & guests. It¬†gives a¬†real sense of belonging and brings a unique experience for everyone in attendance.¬†House concerts also support independent artists like myself, directly! All¬†of the proceeds go towards my living & travel expenses as a touring musician, and continuously allow me to pursue my dreams in changing the world and healing others through music. It’s soooo important for me to reach as many people as I can through my music & message, and if you are able to provide a space for me to do so, I am incredibly honoured & thankful.

How much does it cost?

The cost of a House Concert depends on where you live and when you’d like to host a show!! I charge a non-refundable booking fee for the host to book a date, and then it is the hosts responsibility to also ask their guests to bring Cash Donations to cover the rest of my performance fee. If you live super far away, travel and accommodations might also have to be covered… If this is an expense you’d rather avoid, perhaps signing up to host a show during one of my House Concert tours would be a better option!

Please get in touch with me via email jessica (@) thelovelyindie.com and let’s work something out!

PS. f you prefer NOT to ask your guests to bring a cash donation, alternatively you can choose to pay me upfront. This is something we can discuss over email, as every situation is different.¬†Beyond that,¬†the rest of my costs will be covered by CD & merch sales. It’s a good idea to¬†write a reminder about merchandise on the invite:¬†“Jessica will be selling CDs and merchandise after the concert.¬†Please come prepared with cash, should you wish to purchase a keepsake from the evening.”¬† After my performance, you or I, or both of us at the same time (lol) will announce that there is a merchandise table & donation jar. We can let you guests know that I’ll be hanging out at that table, doing my thaaang, and that guests are welcome to visit with me and¬†continue getting drunk. or not drunk too.

What does the agenda look like?

I will arrive two hours prior to show time. It will take me around 1 hour to set up my ‘stage’ and merch table. When your guests start arriving, I will mingle¬†around and introduce myself to everyone invited. Just before I begin my show, you’ll make an announcement for everyone to take their seats (and please have enough seating for everyone to comfortably enjoy the show – this can include lawn chairs or pillows / blankets on the floor). If you are providing food & drinks, it’s best if you ask your guests to refill drinks and plates¬†at this time, so that they don’t have to get up and disturb others during¬†my performance. I will entertain your guests for¬†approximately 1¬†hour and 34.03 minutes, with my stories, songs and a few sprinkles of joy & laughter along the way. ūüôā After the concert you can¬†make a closing announcement, thanking your guests for their attention, and encouraging them¬†to visit my merchandise table¬†and stick around for a while. I’ll visit with your guests some more, selling merchandise, and enjoying the rest of the evening, until I get tired and googly-eyed and need to pack up.

How should I promote my epic house concert?!

Promoting the show will be just like promoting your own house party. You can send emails, call or text by phone, make a facebook event, or¬†print out invitations and send them via snail mail!¬†ūüźĆ¬†The more kinds of invitations you send, the better. Also, getting an RSVP and following up with friendly reminders before the show will be important to ensure¬†full¬†attendance!¬†CLICK HERE¬†to get on my House Concert Host List & get a printable invitation template to fill out for your own House Concert! (PS. Check your junk mail for the template).

But…my house isn’t big enough!

Once in Brazil, I performed a house concert in a room that was 120 square feet. We fit 22 people in there. LEGIT! ¬† Sure, we were a little squishy, but I can tell you we all became friends REAL quick! It was great! I wouldn’t worry too much about not having a giant space to host a show. As long as your guests have enough space to sit and get comfortable, that’s all we’ll need.


Any other questions, please feel free to reach out!!! I can’t wait to meet you via email – and then *hopefully* one day get to perform in your lovely home. ūüôā