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Jessica Allossery   |    Indie-folk songstress

"Find your Light & Love will Follow" - Jessica Allossery


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‘My Little Girl’
picked up by Sirius XM Coffeehouse
Endorsed by Takamine Guitars
Finalist in the Canadian Songwriting Competition
SYNC – FUJIFILM uses ‘Keep On Movin’ in online ad campaign
Recorded 4 original songs at CBC Studios in Toronto
Travelled across North America on a 5 month House Concert Tour

‘Growing Old with You’ picked up by Sirius XM Coffeehouse
Launched a successful crowdfunding campaign for album Open Sea
Travelled across the USA on a 4 month House Concert Tour
the first annual Singer Songwriter Festival in Roscoe, NY

Won Best New Artist Discovery 2016 on Sirius XM Coffeehouse
Won Best Song 2016 on Sirius XM Coffeehouse
Independent GERMANY TOUR with David Blair
Performance at the Children’s Youth Summit in Hanover, Ontario
Opened the Tragically Hip Pre-Show Screening in Chatham, Ontario
Performed at the Airmiles Conference in Toronto, Ontario
Sang the National Anthem at Bud Gardens in London, Ontario
‘I’ll Let You Go’ recorded by CBC Music Youtube Sessions
‘I’ll Let You Go’ on Sirius XM Radio – the Coffeehouse

Endorsed by RODE Microphones, Fishman Acoustics
ROLLS ROYCE SYNC & film participation for song ‘Change the World’ in ad campaign
Performance at the PARIS AIR SHOW

Independent BRAZIL TOUR
SYNC – Online commercial in Spain lands song ‘Change the World’
SYNC – Corporate film with FITNESS FIRST song ‘Change the World’
Endorsed by PRS Guitars, Gold Tone Inc.
Jessica directed, produced & edited ‘Love Parade’ music video

SYNC – Chile TV ad Banco Ripley song ‘Let My Heart Out’
Apple of my Eye album self released

SYNC – ‘Change the World’ in a national TELUS ad Campaign
BBC Radio plays & interviews
Performance at WORLD SKINS Golf Tournament in Banff Alberta
One hour live Christmas Special CKSY Radio Interview




Jessica is a free-spirited indie songstress, life lover & youtuber from London, Canada.  She was inspired to pick up the guitar 10 years ago by watching youtube videos, and began teaching herself, writing original songs, and uploading videos shortly after. Her sweet voice and genuine spirit have attracted a loyal audience and a community of dedicated followers and supporters from around the globe.

She has nearly 7 million organic views on YouTube, 65 thousand social followers,
toured the USA, Brazil & Germany independently, and she just finished a second 5 month House Concert Tour across the USA…what could be better than that?  S
he’s done it all on her own.

By releasing youtube videos regularly, she’s caught international attention as a soulful musician and DIY artist. From landing her songs in global ad campaigns, to producing her own music videos, to getting radio airplay, she’s flourished through plenty of hard work and dedication. Being an influencer & brand ambassador Jessica is a highly driven, motivated and inspirational songbird, with countless successes in the foreseeable future. One song at a time, she is healing hearts through honest and thoughtful lyrics, and is helping the world feel deeply with her acoustic guitar and stripped-down vocals. She’s certainly a musician to keep an eye on as she continually inspires others through her genuine passions & kindness that shines through each and every song.



Since 8am I’ve been playing your music on a loop. My heart sways, the sun tickles my skin. I am on a high because of the universe in my heart, yearning to hear your voice, your gift. Wow, if you ever doubt the magic in your gift and passion, re-read this. Humbly thank you.”

“Hiya Jess…
My 25 yr old daughter Raven, passed away during heart surgery in May this year. I’ve been camping for the last month and a half and heard your song [I’ll Let You Go] on SiriusXM Radio one night while staring into the fire. I want to thank you because it is such a beautiful song and the tears just poured out of me when I heard it. It feels like a song of acceptance and loss. I just wanted to thank you so much for the healing your voice gave me that night.”


Youtube views 6.7 million
Youtube Subscribers 33k
Facebook Likes 15k
Twitter Followers 16k
Instagram Followers 2k






2018 North American House Concert Tour

2016 Germany Tour with David Blair


Jessica and David Blair are performing a duet at the Schlachthof Sessions in Karlsruhe, Germany

2017 USA House Concert Tour

2014 Independent Brazil Tour


Jessica is playing on stage at a club in Brasilia, Brasil





Learn. EP  – 2010


Apple of my Eye - 2012

Apple of my Eye – 2012


Open Sea - 2017

Open Sea – 2017


Love Parade – 2014

I’ll Let You Go – 2016

Open Sea - Single - 2016

Open Sea – 2016

My Little Girl by Jessica Allossery

My Little Girl – 2018

Keep on Movin’ – 2018


Jessica writes all of her own songs and has released 1 EP, 2 full length albums and 5 singles (a total of 19 tracks).
Additionally, she has countless unreleased songs in her repertoire, and is always writing new tunes whenever inspiration strikes – namely through her Gift-of-Song offering on her website, where she writes custom songs commissioned by fans from all over the world.

Listen to Jessica’s track list HERE.




2015 Participation with Rolls Royce

2016 I’ll Let You Go – CBC Youtube Sessions

2014 Jessica directed & edited her own music video for original song ‘Love Parade’ – song produced by Moe Berg



Jessica is opening for the Blue Rodeo band at the TELUS Skins Golf Tournament 2012




Jessica is opening the Tragically Hip Screening in Chatham, Ontario 2016



2016 Opening for the Tragically Hip Screening in Chatham, Ontario
(please queue video to 6:22)

2016 National Anthem at Bud Gardens – London On


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