SooOoOooOo….You wanna know about my life? That’s so flattering! Ok ok ok. It kinda goes like this:

It alllll started back in the year 1934.  LOL. jk, jk! Did I trick you!?!? K let’s keep this serious folks. SERIOUS is my middle name. I got dis.

My name is Jessica Joanne Allossery. I was born on November 27th, 1989 and was a teeny little baby – I decided to make my debut into the world one month early cause I had enough waiting around in the womb!  It took me 13 years to remember that my middle name is spelled with an e. :/ shhh don’t tell anyone!! I am a 27 year old, super honest, sometimes witty, and extra dorky human being.


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peachie my doggie

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butterfly armies cause they land on my face
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I was born to a family of agricultural farmers. My parents are the most hard-working parents I’ve ever met. I’m not being biased, I mean that!!! They just never stop. Always puttering around in the greenhouse or the gardens, just doing their thaaannng. It’s pretty incredible and lovely to see.

Oh did I mention how amazing my parents are? Not only are they insanely hard-working, they also support my dreams & music career 1000%. I don’t know how they put up with me and all my crazy ideas (like swampy lake music videos and working on #pearlthecamper for days on end, accepting all my demanding requests so she’s perfect.😇 LOVE YOU MOM AND DAD!).  The older I’m getting, the more thankful I am to have such wonderful parents in my life.

A blog to inspire through music & videos, bringing love to the world!

I have two older sisters and one little morkie puppie named Peachie, who I love even more than burritos 😱. It’s true. Yes, I loooove her THAT much. Peachie has been in our lives for 6 years now, and has changed the dynamic of my thoughts. She’s brought me laughter, comfort, limitless happy memories and true unconditional love. I’ve never experienced a love the way I love her, and I am grateful on a daily basis that she’s snuggled her way into our lives.

My childhood consisted of tetris video games and a whole lot of farm work. I had to pick raspberries, cucumbers, beans, & sell sweet corn at our family roadside stand on a daily basis in the summer, to save money for college. I really REALLY didn’t enjoy that. I mean, Sunday-to-Sunday, child labour kinda work. I felt like my parents were forever punishing me every single summer! We never got a break!!!  But… then the year came when I enrolled into college, and I realized how expensive school can be. The GOOD news is that *thanks to mom & dad* I had enough money stocked piled & untouched from all the years working on the farm, and was able to put myself through school. How amazing is that?!!? It was in those college years where the tables really turned for me, and I became very thankful for all the work & life lessons my parents taught me through all my hard work as a kid.


 My sister Katie & I bein’ all silly


dog,birthday,morkie,petCelebrating peachies birthday



I have an insatiable appetite for travel. I left home to live in Brazil for a year when I turned 17. Two years later I lived in South Africa during the world cup. I then trolled around Mozambique, Malawi and Tanzania for a few weeks on a camping holiday. Europe? Have that covered too. London, Paris, Germany, Italy and beautiful Belgium can all be crossed off my list. During my first international tour in Brazil, I totally ditched my flight home and landed in Peru for a little instead.  #sorrynoysorry LOL. I am ALWAYS looking for my next adventure. I can never sit still! Every time I get that feelin’, I put my dancing shoes on and shimmy on over to the next far away place. Somewhere that’s hotter than Canada because brrr! Ain’t nobody got time for that.


A lot of people ask how I manage to afford all of my trips. It’s really simple. I work my buns off. Every. damn. day. With PASSION, with love & with music. I live a modest life. I have chosen a career path that I absolutely love, and that will allow me to travel and make a small income on the road. I work hard to make travel one of my top priorities, because it breathes life into me. It’s what my world is all about! If you love something soooo incredibly much, you need to find a way to make it happen. No excuses! Bring your dreams into an every day reality by making them your first and foremost thought of the day. Be thankful, be kind & live gracefully. Eventually, you’ll achieve everything and more that you’ve ever wanted.

So I’ve done just that, and I feel so very fortunate that I have gotten to the point where I am today. The best part is that my work hardly ever feels like work, cause I just love it THAT much. Otherwise, what’s the point in life if you are only dreaming and never doing? Be a do-er! You got this!!



I’m pretty much a do-er + everything-er at this point, and it alllll started with music. I started as a youtube musician in 2008 by teaching myself how to play guitar and sing, merely just by watching others do it. There was so much creativity exploding from my heart that I had to get it out on paper, and on I went writing. Soon I broadened my horizons with video & film production, learning the ins and outs of making DIY youtube videos. I moved onto photoshop to make my own album art, digital media kits and posters, blogging, photography, and everything in between! 10 years later, I now have 3 albums & 4 singles released, and I’m working on my next album release for the end of the year. AND….I did it all on my own.

singer,songstress,performance,livePerforming in Banff, Alberta for TELUS

Why do it on your own, you ask? Well, I learned quickly that there are too many people out there, just waiting to make an extra dollar in exploiting musicians. I also learned that not one single person will put as much effort and care into my own work as I would. Sad but oh so true! Instead of wallowing about how much work I had on a daily basis, I just kept teaching myself more and more, and finding ways to make my music a successful business. After all the years of hard work and dedication, I’ve had some incredible opportunities that I never ever expected. It opened my eyes to the possibilities of having a career that I would actually enjoy tremendously, even if I don’t make millions. Life is a beautiful thing. And when you are working with your passion, even when it feels like work, it never feels like work… if that makes sense! The freedom is more beautiful than you could ever imagine possible.

Deeeeeeep breath. Now.. Can somebody get me a corn dog for all of that corniness? Seriously. How are you still reading this?!!! iloveyooouuuu….




I studied filmmaking in college and truly enjoyed it. Editing in particular gave me so much happiness, which coincidentally went hand in hand with my own youtube endeavours. And so I began… On my evenings, weekends and any spare minute I had away from school work, I would be practising my craft of DIY Videos. I’d work on so many side projects that I was certain I’d have a break down at some point… but I didn’t (YAY!) AND, There was a rainbow on the horizon. 🌈 Because I loved it so much, I never saw the time go by. It was in those moments when I knew that I had to incorporate filmmaking into my daily routine, somehow.



Today I fill my days with being a full-time musician, video creator & blogger.  I tour the world playing house concerts, and always have a new custom song to work on. I’ve had a helluva year with some incredible highlights. ie: Getting on Sirius XM radio and performing my second international house concert tour. I sometimes work for other creatives when the opportunities come a-knockin’, and I’ve even worked personally with some close fans to help bring their visions to life – whether that’s editing wedding videos, home videos or family vacations. I am so lucky to be able to do this from time to time, and I truly enjoy every minute of it. (PS. please get in touch with me if you have a project where you think I might be a good fit!)



Pearl the vintage camper

I am currently on my second USA House Concert tour with #pearlthecamper. I am always in search for potential House Concert Hosts. For that, I need volunteers who have a cozy space and enjoy entertaining and putting on events. If this is YOU and you have some wonderful friends/neighbours/family who might like to attend intimate concert, please visit my House Concert Page for more detailed info.


WHEW!  I guess that’s that!! My life journey has been such a wonderful ride so far, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a part of it. Please don’t forget to opt in to get access to my news & updates so you don’t miss a beat!

Stay Wonderful,



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