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A story of how my social media blew up, twice. Let me begin my story with this one day that really changed my life. A day that I rolled over in bed with messy hair and sleep in my eyeballs, and I had this beautiful army of friends from all over the world. I blinked […]

How my stars aligned from Social Media

Sep 29, 2015


An indie in Paris

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All about Rolls Royce, VIP events and fun adventures with my papa! In June I was flown to Paris by Rolls Royce to perform at a VIP event for their clients. Since my dad had never been to Europe before, I brought him along!! We had such an epic time, so I journalled about it. […]

Sep 27, 2015


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After 3 months in the making, I am THRILLED to announce that my official music video “Love Parade” is finally here! Prepare to be swept away to the most wonderfully magical place, and get lost in a beautiful love parade along the way.

Can I share some sunshine? :)

Sep 27, 2015


How to write a song

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I started writing songs 5 years ago, and although I feel I have improved significantly, my writing style has stayed the same throughout the years. Since I’ve gotten many questions about my writing process I thought it might be a good idea to cover this in the bloggie today. This is an inside look of […]

Sep 27, 2015


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