Christmas Goodies from me to you ❤️

December 12, 2016
Cross Country Skiing in Lake Louise, Alberta!

 Well isn’t that dandy. Christmas is ’round the corner and I haven’t even gotten my bathing suit off from the summer yet!!! CRISIS! Lol jk jk.

We have a lot of snow in London, Ontario, and although the photo above was taken last winter on my Calgary Alberta tour, I still look the same!!!!


All in good fun, I want to say a very warm HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you and your cherished love ones this season. What a year we’ve had with MANY ups & downs, struggles & victories, and love & war. It’s been a beautiful year and I can say that I am tremendously looking forward to writing down the dates with a big ol’ 2017 from here on out!!!


As Christmas soon approaches, I wanted to take a quick minute to share some digital goodies that I have available on the blog for purchase. I can’t say I will be doing this every year, many of these things are just stuff I am trying out, but here it goes:

1.  Gift of Song

Give a personalized custom song to a loved one!

🎄The Gift of Song is a timeless gift as music brings energy, light & love to this world. Share the beauty of a customized song with someone you cherish and I will write a song about anything or anyone you want, just in time for December 25th!

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2. Private e-concert

Host a House Concert with indie-folk artist Jessica Allossery

🎁 A Private e-concert is in order when you are looking to WOW a loved one this holiday season. Special song requests are warmly invited as I sing a 1 hour concert over Skype, to you and your nearest and dearest on a day of your choosing!

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3. 1-on-1 coaching

Life Coaching to Live Happier

🎅 Do you know a creator who wants to learn about vlogging or creating videos? What about a musician looking to better their DIY Musician skills independently? Or, what about someone who is just in a rut this holiday season? I can help with my 1-on-1 private coaching!! Choose from a list of specific topics and give the gift of knowledge to a loved one, to help set them up on a new path in life.

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4. DIY Musician e-courses


Invest in your music career TODAY!

 🎻 These e-courses are designed for DIY Musicians who want to learn the art of video creation! A perfect gift for artists who are in search of the BEST equipment for their needs, & several guides on creating & editing music videos. Psssst: There are GIFT CARDS available too!!! woop woop! 🙂

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Annnd TADA!!!

Those are the digital goodies that I am offering this year on the blog and I’ll be offering them FULL of Christmas Cheer! (if you haven’t already noticed, LOL!) If you’re in a rut and just DON’T KNOW what to get the sweethearts of your lives (be it your parents, lovers or friends), consider buying one of my gifts. I am here to be of service and want to help in any way that I can!

With Love & Light shining brightly,


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