3 years ago, I took on the challenge to write custom songs for fans all over the world. I never knew how much it would change my life and my path as a musician, and also the lives of my clients. I’ve completely fallen in love with songwriting on a whole new level, especially when I get to write songs for other people. Below are just a few of the stories from custom songs I’ve written since I began this new journey.


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Katie approached me to write a custom song for her father, after the loss of her mother to a breast cancer battle. Her father has always been a huge support in her life, during her mother’s sickness, and even more so during the grieving period. She found it really hard to cope with losing her beloved mother, and couldn’t imagine how difficult it would be for her father to go through losing his partner. She asked that the Follow My Lead be healing for the two of them, and to have its focus be on happy family memories and touching future moments to be shared between them as they go through the grieving process together.

As Katie shared her story, she recalled comforting memories of cottage days laughing with her family, back when illness was not in the picture. She also shared new memories that her and her father have been making since the death of her mother. Katie’s mother always loved travelling, and to remember her, they have been exploring the world and visiting new countries in her honour after her passing.


Jason and his wife Rachel requested a custom song for their son’s first birthday. They wanted to create something deeply meaningful to celebrate his year on earth. Although he won’t understand it yet, they knew a song would be something that he will be able to look back on and appreciate when he gets older.

Some of the inspiration of You Are Loved came from their favourite children’s books that they read to him. Other bits of inspiration came from naming their son after his two late grandfathers. It was important to the two of them that his grandfathers be included in the storyline of the lyrics in some way, because even though they are no longer here, they will still play a big role in his life by watching over him and loving him every day.


After the loss of their 22 year old son, the Pschierers connected deeply with an original song of mine that was being featured on the coffeehouse. They immediately made contact, and asked if I would perform a memorial house concert in their son’s honour. 2 years later and we have remained close friends… I consider them a part of my family! They kicked off my 2017 tour with a benefit show and in 2018 they wanted to do something very special for their daughter who just left for her first year in college. They approached me to write a song for her, and I was so honoured.

Since I know Christine on a personal level, the song came naturally. A few ideas from her parents included the fact that she’s all grown up, and leaving home for the first time. Also that she had a very rough few years navigating life without her brother. My Little Girl was created and now being featured daily on Sirius XM The Coffeehouse!



“I’ll Let You Go” is a simple, beautiful and honest attempt at captivating a father’s love for his daughter on her wedding day. The song was written as a commissioned gift, and I never expected it to reach as many people as it has. Somehow, this song seems to be providing healing to listeners at times in their lives when they need to hear it the most. I am beyond thankful that I was given this opportunity as an artist to be a part of something so meaningful, and even more thankful to see how it is flourishing in the world of music.  ***This song won BEST SONG 2016 on the Sirius XM Coffeehouse


Here is another song off the new album ‘Open Sea’. It’s a commissioned song by a woman who was celebrating her marriage with her husband of 36 years. What rang in my heart the most when she wrote about him was the fact that they are best friends, and their friendship is continually growing, as they grow old together.

Then, Growing Old With You was born. Although it’s a simple love story, many people can relate to it’s message. It’s currently being played regularly on SiriusXM radio the coffeehouse station 14 (YAY!!!! my second song on the radio!). I’m really proud of it and excited that it’s garnering new fans every day from listeners across North America. ***Now being featured on Sirius XM The Coffeehouse


Two parents wanted to give something really special to their 16th daughter on her birthday and baptism. They told me the story of her life and how when she was young, she was caught in a terrifying riptide. It was more than traumatic for her as a young child to experience something so scary. The amazing end of the story is that she is growing up as a fierce individual, strong in her own way. After she survived the riptide, they started calling her their little miracle child. I found a lot of beauty in the fact that she remains determined even after such a traumatic event. Her parents are so proud of her and the love they showed resonated with me deeply.

That, in essence, is what Riptide Girl is all about. I wrote it with my ukulele while on my family vacation in South Africa… staring out into the blue waves of the ocean, it was the perfect setting to get into writing mode and create this special song for a very special family.



Just as I was finishing up recording my newest album Open Sea, a father contacted me and asked if I could write a song for his daughter. I ended up loving the song so much and felt that it deserved a place on this album, so I ended up removing a previously decided upon song, and added Dear Daughter instead. Here is the father’s testimonial about his daughter’s custom song:

“I ran across Jessica’s music while listening to the Sirius station Coffee House earlier this year (2017) while thinking about my 16 year daughter who was traveling in Germany. Jessica’s song “l’ll Let You Go” was playing and it touched my heart. It expressed exactly how I felt about having to let my daughter go after watching her grow. While listening to Jessica’s song I was compelled to contact her and tell her how much this song impacted me and immediately became my favorite song. Jessica is an amazing young lady who is also an incredible singer/song writer. After listening to her new album I have a new favorite song…”Dear Daughter“. Why? Jessica listened to me tell stories about my beautiful daughter and how much I loved her. Jessica wrote this song for my daughter’s upcoming 17th Birthday to give to her as a gift so she’ll always remember that no matter where she goes in life her father’s love will always remain with him. Thank you Jessica! “l’ll Let You Go” is now my second favorite. ”



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