Learn to edit your DIY music videos like a BOSS, in 1.5 hours.

 it’s more fun than cat videos on facebook!! ????





This course is for you if you want to learn to edit your FIRST music video in iMovie:

  • DIY Musicians, Singer / Songwriters & Content Creators who want to transform average music videos into AMAZING videos!
  • You want to learn to edit your own DIY style music videos
  • You want to learn the ins and outs of editing on iMovie
  • You want to understand technical aspects of editing like graphics, titles, colour correction & syncing audio
  • You want to grow your your brand with better quality editing


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1.5 hrs total


The Simple iMovie Editing for musicians course will help you become comfortable in the editing software iMovie, which comes FREE with any mac computer. (YAY free!) The course will teach you how to improve your editing techniques from titles & graphics to coloring. AND … lets face it, ultimately the most important thing that this course will do is save you lots of time & money, by being able to edit your videos all by yourself.

Being a musician is a daily grind…There is never enough time in a day to respond to fan emails, create content, write songs, perform shows, personal marketing, brand strategizing, creating artwork. It’s a constant battle! Not only that, but a lot of musicians (me included) just don’t have the cash flow to constantly hire new people to create videos to promote their music… I totally get it! I didn’t have $$$ when I was just starting out either, but I still understood the importance of video and knew that I had to do SOMETHING. So I learned how to make my own videos, giving me the creative freedom I was looking for. This allowed me to promote my music visually, WITHOUT having to hire out the jobs or rely on anyone else.

If you take the course, you’ll finally be creatively independent with your own videos! With your hard work and dedication, this is my promise to you. Get started on the journey of learning a new craft, while having limitless opportunities to practice and grow, by creating your OWN music videos as often as you like.


Upon enrolment, you will get instant access to 7 step-by-step videos jam packed with lessons, ideas, best practices and examples. You will also get 5 course printouts including a checklist, a pocket book, software navigation page and chapter overviews. In addition to these course materials, you’ll also get an invitation to join a private facebook group that I created for all students enrolled in my courses. This will be a place where I will be interacting one-on-one with you, answering your questions, and showing encouragement for the video goals you are setting for yourself. This will also be a place where you can share your work and progress with other students, ask questions, help each other with ideas, and support one another though your journeys as creatives. –And we can ALWAYS use more of that ????


Chapter 1 – Introduction

  • Ideal course candidates
  • The importance of video for musicians
  • Course overview

Chapter 2 – The Essentials

  • Starting a new project & sequence
  • Importing & organizing your files
  • First steps of timeline editing
    • slicing
    • drag & drop
    • rearranging clips in the timeline

Chapter 3 – Titles & Transitions

  • Adding & modifying fonts & titles
  • Adding transitions & backgrounds
  • Adding logos / photos
  • Basic animation effects

Chapter 4 – Audio

  • Syncing audio with video
  • Audio effects & transitions

Chapter 5 – Extras

  • Adding extra b-roll to your video
  • Overlaying shots in the timeline
  • Adding multiple camera angles

Chapter 6 – Color Correction

  • Adding color effects & presets
  • Copying effects to other clips
  • Customizing your colors

Chapter 7 – Export

  • Final touches in editing
  • Proper settings to export for web
  • Pep talk finale!


  • Equipment Checklist
  • iMovie Program Navigation
  • iMovie Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Editing Vocabulary Pocket book
  • Chapter Overviews

Suggested equipment for participants:

  • A mac laptop
  • A computer mouse
  • Apple iMovie
  • Raw footage from your DIY Music video
  • Produced MP3 from your DIY Music video
  • Your logo
  • A harddrive

Tools that I use to teach the course:



Course Instructor

Indie-folk songstress, traveller, blogger & DIY Musician from Ontario, Canada.
Inspiring the world to FEEL THINGS through songs & videos!

Questions about the course?
Email me at jessica@thelovelyindie.com with any unsettled feelings or questions.
I’m at your service & here to help 🙂

iMovie Editing for Musicians