Sept 19 2019

Look Ma! I’m on tour!
More details here.

June 1 2018

New song alert!
I am very excited to announce that my new song Keep on Movin’ will be released June 18, 2018.
Check it out!


May 4, 2018

Today I’m off on my second House Concert tour! This time around, I’ll be 5 months on the road, with some gaps in between close to home. If you see a date near you, please get in touch! I’ll see if I can get you in to watch the show  – or better yet, why not host a show of your own!? 🙂
See you on the tour!


March 16, 2018


Feb 03, 2018
My day teaching students with a Songwriting Workshop!




Oct. 08 2017
First House Concert Tour = complete!!!!

My 2017 House Concert Tour was a HUGE success!!  I’d like to send out a massive “Thank You” to all my gracious hosts and all the incredible guests who attended! I am in the process of arranging my second house concert tour in 2018. Please visit this page to learn how you can host a show on the next tour!


Sept 2017
Growing Old with You gets on Sirius XM The Coffeehouse!


Aug. 2017
I headlined my first ever festival!!!

In August 2017, I had the privilege to headline The first annual Roscoe Singer Songwriter festival in Roscoe, NY! This was an incredible experience, and my parents even got to visit me on the tour!

It’s hard to explain the high I get after performing a show. The feeling of accomplishment, pride, and a general sense of knowing that everything is going to work out exactly as I’d always dreamed. Thankful to have been on a beautiful ride during the #roscoesingersongwriterfestival last weekend, and looking forward to the next 7 weeks that this tour has to offer ✨

I can’t tell you how much ❤ I’ve felt on the road, and especially at the #roscoesingersongwriterfestival I feel so honoured!

My FAMILY came to see me at the #roscoesingersongwriterfestival!!! ❤ . It was soooo good to get some family time on the road. Counting my blessings


January 2017

I’ll Let You Go earned BEST SONG 2016, and I earned BEST NEW ARTIST DISCOVERY on Sirius XM The Coffeehouse!


April 2nd, 2017
Find out why I turned down the biggest tour of my life…

Indie Musician Touring


November 15th, 2017

Birthday E-Concert

ONLINE Birthday Concert!

HEY YOU! — Guess what?!  You’re neeeever gunna guess…. ok maybe you will.


What does that mean? Well it means that I’m turning the same age as day I was born. Cool huh!? This means I’m turning 27 years young. 😁  This year I’ve decided to celebrate this day with ALL OF YOU!! During an online e-concert. I want you to know how excited I am to be able to share this special day, with the most wonderful community of followers all over the world.

Some epic stuff that’s gunna go down:

-I’ll have a whole bottle of champagne to myself
-I’ll be sharing embarrassing & hilarious birthday stories
-I’ll be showing video footage from previous birthdays when I was a wee-little-one.

See!?  Epic. And you don’t even have to get out of your pyjamas.

please come. it’ll mean the 🌍 to me.

See the details of the show here and get a notification just before the show happens by Subscribing Here




If my songs have given you any kind of light, love or soul healing, please consider downloading on bandcamp and making a contribution! Any amount helps tremendously. I am a 100% fan-funded artist, which means, I don’t have a label who is investing money into me… Rather, I am investing in myself, and LIVING OFF the support of my fans! (life is good like that:)

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?  >> I rely on your purchases and financial donations to pay my grocery bills, restock my wine collection… you know, the usual. Oh yeah, and to CONTINUE WRITING MUSIC!

The ❤ ahhhmazing ❤ thing about Bandcamp is that you can Name your Price –> Which means, if you wanna support an artist a little more for a particular song that has really touched your soul, this platform provides an opportunity to choose the amount you’d like to donate. No matter if it’s 1$ or 50$, your contribution & financial support mean the word and make a HUGE difference for me as a DIY artist.

So thank you, thank you!






Feb 5 –  Folk Club 8PM Bonn
Feb 6 – Buisdorfer Hof 8PMBonn
Feb 7 – Fiddlers pub 7PMBonn
Feb 10 – House Concert at Einzig Art 8PM Karlsruhe
Feb 11 – Im Schlachthof 8PM – Karlsruhe
Feb 12 – Cafe Crumbles 8PMBiberach
Feb 13 – Cafe Bar Herzog 8PMMunich
Feb 14 – Klausenbauernhof 6PMWolfach
Feb 16 – House Concert – Halle
Feb 17 – Cafe Aroma 8PMMarburg
Feb 18 – Cafe Lichtung 8PM – Köln
Feb 19 – House Concert – Bonn

Do you have a venue or a beautiful space to hold a show? Contact me to host a concert!



Oct 22nd – Raw Bar  8pm
Oct 30th – Cafe Koi  7pm
Nov 5th – Vendome Cafe 6:45
Nov 12th – Mikey’s Juke Joint 9pm
Nov 19th – Wine Ohs 8pm
Nov 20th – (CANMORE AB) – Private House Concert!
Nov 26th – Market Calgary 7pm
Nov 27th – Gravity Espresso & Wine Bar – Charity Night 8pm
Nov 28th – Private House Concert!

Do you have a venue or a beautiful space to hold a show? Contact me to host a concert!