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I'm a 34 yo, witty, silly and honest musician, just trying to travel the world and meet as many awesome people as I can. I have 2 sisters, 2 wonderfully supportive parents, a sweet puppy named Walter and the best husband I could ask for. Life is not always easy as an independent musician, and I like being able to share the ups and downs with you, right here on the blog.

 I've committed to personal growth and living life to the fullest, while trying to share my creativity through the music and films that I make.  I try my best to BE-THE-BEST person I can... by showing love to others, being KIND, being of service, and bettering myself on the daily. And if I'm lucky, maybe I'll inspire you along the way. 😀

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From house concert tours to song commissions, soloist Jessica Allossery (pronounced a-loss-er-ee) is an authentic Canadian songstress based in Alexandria, VA. Velvety-smooth vocals paired with a mellow acoustic guitar, Allossery has been celebrated globally with a sound comparable to Norah Jones.
Music began as a hobby in 2008, but Jessica quickly discovered a hidden talent for song writing and started making a name for herself. Over 15 years later, the proof is in the stats with over 9 million organic views on YouTube and 70 thousand social followers. She has earned loyal audiences from five independent music tours across the USA, Canada, Germany and Brazil.

- Sponsored by Ford Motor Company on her 2019 tour
- Best Song & New Artist Discovery in 2016 on Sirius XM Coffeehouse
- Participation in Rolls Royce ad campaign in 2015

-jessica allossery

I was born to a family of agricultural farmers in Ontario, Canada. My childhood consisted of video games and farm work. I had to pick raspberries, cucumbers, beans, & sell sweet corn at our family roadside stand every day in the summer, to save money for college. I REALLY didn’t enjoy it at the time, and I hated my parents for forcing me into it. But the year came when I enrolled into college, and I realized how expensive school can be. The money I begrudgingly worked so hard for as a teeny-bopper took me through college without any debt. How amazing is that!? It was in those college years where the tables really turned, and I became very thankful for all the work & life lessons my parents taught me through all my hard work as a kid. 

I'm blessed to have my parents' unwavering support for my dreams and music career. I don’t know how they put up with all my crazy ideas (like swampy lake music videos and working on #pearlthecamper for days on end, accepting all my demanding requests 😇). LOVE YOU MOM AND DAD! The older I’m getting, the more thankful I am to have such wonderful parents in my life.

I have two older sisters and I'm an auntie to 3 epic kids and one little morkie puppie named Peachie, who I love even more than burritos 😱. It’s true. Yes, I love her THAT much. Peachie has been in our lives for 8 years and has made us all better humans. She’s brought me laughter, comfort, limitless happy memories and true unconditional love. I’ve never experienced love the way I love her, and I am grateful on a daily basis that she’s snuggled her way into our lives. My two nieces are always making me laugh and challenge me often to continue finding ways to be the 'cool auntie'.. Tragically, I lost my nephew Henry to a rare paediatric brain cancer in 2019, which drastically changed our lives as a family. Somehow the turmoil brought us closer and taught me so much about the importance of family.


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In 2017 I met Greg, my best friend, partner in crime and strongest support in my life. I never understood why couples would call each other their best friends, until I met him. Greg loves me for who I am, and we are each others' person through and through. Every morning and every night, I look forward to being able to tell him about my day and hear about his. We married in 2020 and are exploring life together with our puppy named Walter.

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sunshine . baths . pretty things . board games . friends . snuggles . home cooked meals . road trips . vintage campers . chai tea lattes . hiking . trader joe's GF bagels . brownies . playing guitar . exploring . movies . blankets . creating . capturing memories . stretching . morkies . yoga . performing . date nights . cruiser bikes . folk music . acts of kindness . candles . weddings .  home videos . podcasts . self- improvement . crosswords . laughing .

I’m pretty much an 'everything-er' at this point, and it alllll started with music. I started as a youtube musician in 2008 by teaching myself how to play guitar and sing. There was so much creativity exploding from my heart that I had to get it out on paper, and on I went writing. Soon I broadened my horizons with video & film production, learning the ins and outs of creating video. I moved onto photoshop to make my own album art, digital media kits and posters, blogging, photography, tour booking and everything in between! 12 years later, I have 4 self-released albums out, 5 international tours under my belt AND I'm finally starting to learn the next phase of creating: Audio Production!

Why do it on your own, you ask? Well, I learned quickly that there are too many people out there, just waiting to make an extra dollar in exploiting musicians. I also learned that not one single person will put as much effort and care into my own work as I would. Sad but oh so true! Instead of wallowing about how much work I had on a daily basis, I just kept teaching myself more and more, and finding ways to make my music a successful business. After all the years of hard work and dedication, I’ve had some incredible opportunities that I never ever expected. It opened my eyes to the possibilities of having a career that I would actually enjoy tremendously, even if I don’t make millions. Life is a beautiful thing. And when you are working with your passion, even when it feels like work, it never feels like work… if that makes sense! The freedom is more beautiful than I could have ever imagined possible.

I studied filmmaking in college and truly enjoyed it. Editing in particular gave me so much happiness, which coincidentally went hand in hand with my own youtube endeavours. And so I began. On evenings, weekends and any spare minute I had away from school work, I would be practising my craft of filmmaking. I developed a knack for documentary cinema (makes sense - I'm a story teller at heart!) and always work on side projects when opportunities arise. 

I have an insatiable appetite for travel. I left home to live in Brazil for a year when I turned 17. Two years later I lived and travelled around Southern Africa during the world cup. Europe? Have that covered too. UK, France, Germany, Italy and beautiful Belgium can all be crossed off my list. After my first international tour in Brazil, I ditched my flight home and landed in Peru for a little while instead. #sorrynoysorry LOL. I am ALWAYS looking for my next adventure. I can never sit still! Every time I get that feelin’, I put my dancing shoes on and shimmy on over to the next far away place. 
Pssst >> Somewhere that’s hotter than Canada because brrr! Ain’t nobody got time for that!

I've struggled a lot over the past 5 years with many health concerns including bouts of anxiety & depression, gut imbalances from celiac, parasites, gastritis and SIBO, skin issues like hormonal acne and rosacea. I am trying to advocate and share my stories in hopes to help others who are also going through health issues similar to my own. I'm no doctor but I've certainly seen quite a few! LOL So, if there's ANYTHING on my blog that might help someone with their own health journey, I am a happy chappy, and grateful to be of service.

It's also been of utmost importance for me to continually grow into a better person, so I focus daily on being grateful, staying honest with myself and others, self reflection & meditation, learning how to tap into my highest self, and riding the highs and lows as they come. I also chat about these things on the blog from time to time.

Today I am a full time work-at-home artist, musician, video creator & blogger. I'm currently taking online courses for audio production so I can keep bringing musical magic to the world!  I tour almost every year performing house concerts, I'm always writing custom songs and will continue to document as much of my journey as I can.

I am so grateful to be living my dreams and truly wouldn't be doing it if it wasn't for YOU, being here today...
So thank you for your curiosity. I hope this space brings you as much joy, happiness and inspiration as it brings me. 
Thanks for just being here.

OK, that was long.

Feel free to come and say hello. I love getting to know my fellow humans and I read every single message. So get comfy (hopefully with some wine and a blanket) and introduce yourself!  :)

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