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Richard Bland College - Jazz in the Grove 2023 with Jessica Allossery
 Break the Business 2020 - Making a difference with Music #202
Naked with Nate 2018 - Skinny Dipping Songstress touring America #29
Quarter Life Comeback 2016 - Turning your Dreams into Reality #006

Quarantine subject of new song, London's Jessica Allossery to perform online (London Free Press 2020)
Home Away from Home with Jessica Allossery (Tiny House Talk 2019)
 "Women On The Road: Jessica Allossery" (She Explores Blog 2018)
Interrobang - Fanshawe Alumna wins two Sirius XM Titles (Fanshawe College Campus Newsletter 2017)

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“Jessica, your music transports us to another place. It’s uplifting and thoughtful. Your songs have such beautiful, deep meaning. So soothing too...easy on the heart and soul.”
- Lynne via instagram

“This song fills my heart with so much joy, I have chills! I don't know how to cry, I look for strength in music to help express my emotions. I'm in tears listening to this, happy tears for sure. Just wanted to show my gratitude to you Jessica, and the beautiful talent you have. I will hold this song close to my heart for the rest of my days.”
- Josa via Youtube

“The other day I heard a song for the first time and it brought tears to my eyes. My dad died almost 4 years ago - he was no longer able to communicate as he stayed in hospice. However, he was still able to hear & one of his favorite things was listening to music & singing. I wish I had an opportunity to have played him your song. Thank you for sharing your soulful gift/song.”
- Diana via Youtube

“Your music feeds the soul, Jessica. It recharges my inner energy and inspires me to be a better human. You are a leader of your own music and I love to listen because you’ve stripped your songs to the basic necessity; beautiful voice and chords on an instrument. Peace and tranquility is what your music brings to my soul.
- Chuy via instagram

2014 Brazil tour (13 shows)
2016 Germany Tour w/ David Blair (14 shows)
2017 USA House Concert Tour (30 shows)
2018 North America Tour (30 shows)
2019 Fundraiser Tour (12 shows)


2017 Open Sea
2012 Apple of my Eye

From house concert tours to song commissions, Jessica Allossery (pronounced a-loss-er-ee) is one of the hardest working independent musicians out there. Pair her achievements with innovative ideas and a strong willed business sense, she’s made a name for herself around the world.

Though she’s got a sound of her own, Jessica can be compared to artists like Norah Jones and Colbie Caillat or a female Jack Johnson. She combines playful inspirations from pop music and simple acoustics to create her own mellow vibe. The free-spirited indie songstress resides in Ontario Canada, but spends most of the year on tour, travelling around in her vintage camper.

Guitar began as a hobby in 2008, but Jessica quickly discovered a hidden talent for songwriting and started making a name for herself. Over a decade later, the proof is in the pudding with nearly 8 million organic views on YouTube and 70 thousand social followers. Not only a successful business woman and online influencer, Allossery is a triple threat with loyal audiences collected from five independent music tours across the USA, Canada, Germany and Brazil. She is worth keeping a close eye on, as there are countless successes to be had on the horizon for this motivated songbird. Her unique stories and intimate performances have put her into a class of her own. ‘One song at a time, one audience at a time’ is her motto to get into the hearts of listeners, as she moves forward in pursuing her life’s work to bring music medicine to all.



'Good Things Come with Time' cowrite featured in NCIS:LA Season 14 ep 2


'I'll Let You' Go featured in Braking for Whales film
Streamlined a pandemic custom song campaign for Dupont Water Solutions

Sponsored by Ford Motor Company
Lead a Ronald McDonald House Fundraiser Tour ($14K raised)

‘My Little Girl’ picked up by Sirius XM Coffeehouse
Endorsed by Takamine Guitars
Finalist in the Canadian Songwriting Competition
SYNC – FUJIFILM uses ‘Keep On Movin’ in online ad campaign
Travelled across North America on a 5 month House Concert Tour

‘Growing Old with You’ picked up by Sirius XM Coffeehouse
Raised 10K for album release Open Sea
Travelled across the USA on a 4 month House Concert Tour
Headlined the first annual Singer Songwriter Festival in Roscoe, NY

Won Best New Artist Discovery on Sirius XM Coffeehouse
Won Best Song on Sirius XM Coffeehouse
Independent GERMANY TOUR with David Blair
Performance at the Children’s Youth Summit in Hanover, Ontario
Sang the National Anthem at Bud Gardens in London, Ontario
‘I’ll Let You Go’ recorded by CBC Music Youtube Sessions

ROLLS ROYCE SYNC & film participation for song ‘Change the World’ in ad campaign
Performance at the PARIS AIR SHOW in France

Independent BRAZIL TOUR
SYNC– Online commercial in Spain lands song ‘Change the World’
SYNC– Corporate film with FITNESS FIRST uses song ‘Change the World’
Jessica directed, produced & edited ‘Love Parade’ music video

SYNC– Chile TV ad Banco Ripley song ‘Let My Heart Out’

SYNC – ‘Change the World’ in a national TELUS ad Campaign
Performance at WORLD SKINS Golf Tournament in Banff Alberta


2019 Ukemas (Christmas EP)
2018 Follow My Lead
2010 learn. 

2020 Water: Source of Hope
2020 When The Sun Shines
2019 Up In The Blue
2019 Happy Place
2018 Keep on Movin’
2018 My Little Girl
2014 Love Parade

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YOUTUBE: 9 mil views / 42k subscribers
SPOTIFY: 2 mil plays / up to 30k monthly listeners
FACEBOOK: 15k followers
TWITTER: 16k followers
INSTAGRAM: 3k followers

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