Friends Club is a community funded record label, run by monthly subscriptions from YOU: My beloved friends, fans and patrons. 
This club gives me a chance to connect personally with a select audience of supporters, and helps to support my career as an indie artist. In return, each month you'll receive a personalized email with special perks from me to you!


Exclusive videos/tutorials
Online Hang-outs (ie. label meetings, virtual dinner parties or private shows)
Curated Resources
Digital Downloads & other special things

a community record label


5$ or more / month

join the club!

Do I have any responsibilities if I join?
There are no set responsibilities for any members! Feel free to be involved as you like. Whether that is getting to know the community by chiming in with suggestions during online hang outs and commenting on the private videos, or just occasionally checking in and quietly taking part in the community behind the scenes. Whatever you choose, know that you're a part of something super special.

Why should I join?
Becoming a member will not only give you access to my special content that the public will not see, it also directly supports me as an independent musician. The music industry is ever-evolving and a lot of artists have record labels whoo financially back them, but I do not. Your financial support and input will continue fuelling my art one month at a time.          

Where is my login?
Login anytime by clicking the top right login icon in the menu above.

Can I stop donating in the future if I can't afford it?
Your membership can be cancelled at any time.

Can I support you with more than 5$?
On the sign up page, there is an option to choose a $5 minimum or custom amount. Any amount that you're able to pledge every month will be supporting me directly and is immensely appreciated!

Are the perks the same every month?
Every month will be different in terms of offerings, however I will commit a brand new video every month for at least a year to see how that goes, and will sprinkle in online-hang outs and digital downloads when I can. 




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