Looking for a unique and thoughtful gift? Music brings energy, light & love to this world. Share the beauty of a customized song with someone you cherish. 


-Custom song in MP3 & WAV format
-Personal video of song with artist introduction and line by line explanation of how I wrote the lyrics (with subtitles)
-Signed Lyrics 
-Handwritten note to song recipient
-Printable PDF of lyrics
-USB Stick with all assets 
-Autographed 2017 acoustic album



$1300 USD



Song Creation & Revisions: 4-10 hours
The song writing process varies greatly, but I usually spend several days, breaking up my time blocks into 1 or 2 hour increments depending on my creativity on that particular day. Sometimes I'll need to send you additional questions via email for more information, or to clarify certain details as I create the song. After delivery to you of the first draft, I'll spend time on second and sometimes third drafts of a song before bringing it into the studio.

Professional Recording and Mixing: 6-12 hours
Often beyond a full day in my home studio, the recording & editing process of a custom song takes the longest. I record multiple tracks of guitar and vocals separately, cut & trim the best versions, and then add harmonies and backing vocals. Then, I spend time mixing the song, removing unwanted sounds and breaths, adding subtle vocal effects and panning. This gives a beautifully expansive and polished listening experience. The results are delivered in a professionally created, radio-worthy acoustic song.

Explanation Video: 4-6 hours
Finally, I record a "surprise" video that is 10+ minutes in length. In this video, I introduce myself as the artist, share the 'surprise' that I wrote them a song, why I wrote it and HOW I wrote it (the most important part!) together with you. I'll sing the song line-by-line and explain how I pulled exact words from your emails to create this unique, completely customized gift. Then I edit the video, fix coloring, add titles and subtitles and send for export.

Once all assets are completed, I upload them onto the USB, print & sign the lyrics, sign the CD, handwrite a note to the song recipient and package everything up into a beautiful bundle to be shipped to your name and secret address (so the recipient doesn't suspect anything!).


"WOW. That is all I can say. I can’t thank you enough for the absolutely beautiful song. I Cried and Cried.... we listened to it on repeat and danced barefoot in the moonlight. You and Jamie captured our relationship so authentically and beautifully. You are a truly gifted artist and soulful creature. Thank you for the best gift I have ever, or will ever receive."
- Chick, May 2020

"This is so wonderful. I'm still reeling at the way you have been able to translate my ramble into something so beautiful and that captures so accurately my feelings toward Suzanne and our relationship."
- Peter, Feb 2020

"As the spring was approaching and my daughters high school years were ending, I wanted to make sure she understood how special she was. I had shared a few emails with Jessica and after a few weeks I received a beautiful song and a video addressed to my daughter, explaining how the song was created. I realized that Jessica had directly taken the words I had written and woven them into this song. I am so thankful that Jessica shared her talents to create this beautiful gift based upon my words, so my daughter will always know how I see her." 
- Joann, Sept 2018

How long does it take?
Custom songs take between 3 weeks to 3 months,

Quick! I need my song in a hurry!
If I am able to work on your song as a rush order, I will. Please let me know your deadline in the email, and let’s work together to make it happen.

How can I pay?
Orders are paid up front via credit card, paypal or venmo. Please pay with the link in the instruction email from me.

Who owns the song?
I retain the intellectual copyrights of all custom songs that I write. Upon purchase, you’ll be signing a form to waive your ownership rights.

Can I make revisions?
I try to accommodate for 2 revisions. When I have completed the lyrics, I will send them to you with a rough first demo mp3 via email. At this point, if you have any revision requests, I will do my best to revise the song to your liking. 

Hello! My name is Jessica Allossery, I’m a songstress, life lover & traveller from London, Canada. I’m passionate about inspiring others & changing lives all over the world through songs and videos. My music has been featured on Sirius XM Coffeehouse and corporate ads like Telus & Rolls Royce. I would be soo honoured to write you and your loved one special song!!




I'll Let You Go
 “Next to my daughter's birth, you gave me the second greatest memory of my life. You made an entire wedding cry after playing the song you wrote. You’re an amazing, talented woman and I can't wait to see and hear all the great things you have for the world.” - Manny

My Little Girl
"This song was born out of the loss of our son, and our daughter going off to pursue a music career. My wife and I offered some background on our daughter, who was coping with the loss of her brother and growing up into adulthood. We are so grateful that Jessica created this song out of love and respect for our beautiful daughter!



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