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I’ve dreamed of being a part of something bigger.
Creating a community full of support, love, fresh ideas and a listening ear.
My friend, we have arrived.


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Something that has always been really important to me as an independent artist is to never sell out, and to never sign my life away.

There are many horror stories of artists signing with a big label, only to be stripped of their rights and ownership of their work. Not only that, but these artists have been led down a rabbit hole fuelled by greed and big-ego white collar business people, making changes to their brand and who they and what they sound like, all in the name of money.

example: A country artist wants to pursue music and gets picked up by a label. Within a year, said artist has completely changed their sound to fit the “pop” genre, merely to get some overnight success and 15 minutes of fame. This is all driven by money and does NOT take this artists genuine love of art into consideration.

This is not, and will never be, me.



It can be challenging to cover costs for day-to-day living expenses when there isn’t a regular income stream like that of a conventional 9-5 job. If I did that, sure, I’d have peace of mind… But I wouldn’t be here. And I definitely would not have the time and space to create my art, share my story and go on world-changing tours.



It is my goal to earn $2500 from my community label so that I can cover basic costs of my apartment, vehicle, subscriptions, dues & fees, and self care rituals like organic food, immune supporting supplements, & monthly therapy sessions.

With these needs being met, I will be in the perfect place to create even more powerful music, more impactful conversations with my fans, and just more things in general (new videos, a podcast perhaps?!).

I haven’t had a ritual in years, simply because I was never in a space that could nourish my needs. I was constantly on the go: On tour, planning a tour, recovering form a tour, writing custom songs, developing and promoting my brand, releasing an album, living with my sister to save money, travelling to get away from the winter, the list goes on… It was constant and non stop.

I am at a point where my body is craving, and I mean CRAVING, a holistic mind-body-spirit routine. The simple act of having time to go for a walk in the morning and do a 1 hour workout class makes the world of a difference…. Being able to prepare my own meals in my very own kitchen with my very own chosen organic ingredients to support my gut biome, and actually be EXCITED about it! Whoa…unheard of. And most importantly, knowing there is not a tour looming in the distance with the pressure of coming up with a new set list, new stories, new songs etc. will completely change the way I have been living the last 5 years.


I have moved into my very own apartment, and finally started the next chapter of my life, which is focussed on self care, resting, creating, and connecting with my community…. All things that I’ve never made time for in the last decade.
In order for me to financially support my current lifestyle, I must:

A. Get a real job
B. Sign my life away with a big label
C. Be financially backed by a community of incredible supporters / decision makers and imaginative thinkers


 Of course, option A would be the easiest, less fulfilling route… but I want to keep making music.
I want to keep doing ME. Creating, living, inspiring, connecting. So…

Option C is my final answer.



Imagine this:

  • PATRON ONLY monthly group video chat: Discussion of timelines / goals / new ideas / brainstorming / Q&A / Mini Concert / Cover Requests
  • Early access to new songs before they are released
  • Help with decision making for brand related things (ie. tshirt designs, names for songs, which songs in an album etc)
  • My monthly finds/learnings
  • 20% off all merchandise
  • Fan Recognition shoutouts / credentials on liner notes
  • Free downloads to unreleased music


This is my commitment to you, my family and label.

Please consider supporting my work with a monthly contribution, and be a part of something bigger than I could have ever dreamed.


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