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*These are all the products that I use in my own videos.
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VIDEO – Advanced DSLR Cameras

CANON 70D  ($999 – Body only)

-Flip out screen

-Touch screen

-Face detection auto focus

-External Audio jack

-Interchangeable lens

CANON 60D  ($799 – Body only)

-Flip out screen

-External audio jack

-Interchangeable lens



CANON Ultra Wide Angle EF-S 10-22mm ($649)

-Great for wide angles & medium shots

-Zoom capability

-Sometimes distorts image due to wide fisheye

CANON Pancake Lens EF-S 24mm ($149)

-Shallow depth of field & great for close ups

-Good in low light

-Not good for wide shots

-No zoom

VIDEO – Compact Point & Shoot Cameras


-Touch screen

-Auto focus

-Flip out screen

Tiny Action Cameras

POLAROID Cube HD ($96)





AUDIO – Microphones

RODE USB Mic ($169)

-Great sound quality

-Compact & flexible mount


-Ultra low noise

RODE NT2A Condenser Mic ($399)

-XLR cable connection: Must be used with interface

-Variable polar patterns for recording

-Ultra low noise

-Amazing quality for price

RODE Link Filmmaker Kit Wireless Lav Mic ($399)

-Great battery life

-Wireless & portable

-Records into camera

-Low noise

RODE NTG-4+ Shotgun Boom Mic ($529)

-Low noise

-Great value

-USB battery charger – quick charging

-Broadcast professional quality

RODE Video Mic Pro ($229)

-Great battery life

-Audio level controller

-Records into camera

-Lightweight & portable

AUDIO – Interfaces

For in-camera Recording


-Allows you to record XLR mic directly into camera via external mic jack

-Volume control

-Headphone monitoring

-Visual audio levels on screen

For External Recording

APOGEE Duet 2 ($595)

-Ease of use

-Sleek design

-Amazing quality

-Very portable

-Built for Mac




Limo Studio 700W Softbox Lighting Kit – 2 Lights ($77)

Tripods & Mic stands

Lightweight Travel Tripod Vanguard Espod CX203 ($49)

Desktop Mic Stand – Peak Music Stand ($22)


Lexar 64GB Memory Card ($59)

Weye Feye – DSLR to Smartphone device ($98)

SP Armour 1TB Shockproof External Harddrive ($58)

Headphones SOL Republic ($59)

Twinkle LED Lights ($8)

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