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5 Things to make today lovely

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Sep 29, 2015

Here it is. A is a snippet of my daily do’s.
This is the routine that starts off my days lovely and fresh, and keeps me feeling happy. Let’s get to it!
(you’re already not gonna like this one.)

make that bed!
ahh!! I’ve become my own mother!


I know I know… making your bed is just, bleh! But it’s gotta be done, and you know it.
Although it may feel like a chore, it’s really for the better! You will feel great and productive right off the bat.
Plus, because it will be all soft and clean and pretty, you just won’t WANT to hop back in and mess it up. Am I right!?!?
only mildly, i know.
Still. As sooooon as you wake up, get that bed made nice and purdy, and then go ahead and thank yourself for it.
At first it will seem annoying and pointless, but eventually it will become part of your new lovely life!

2. cheat yoga.
practice a quick yoga routine daily

This is specifically for my peeps who don’t have much time in the morning, *cough* or who are lazy like me.

Cheat yoga is when you do a short yoga stretch routine for no more than 15 minutes.
Yeah yeah, I know… it’s cheating, but meh! At least I can say I did something active in the morning, and that will already make me feel like I am winning.
Get those headphones on, listen to some soothing Bon Iver, and do your routine overlooking your backyard. (Or neighbors back yard. uncreepily please.)

eat your viddles.
make yourself a pretty plate of homemade goodness for breakfast


A healthy breakfast is the BEST way to feel awesome in the mornings! Now, I know that some of you are going to mention how granola is not in fact a healthy option because it’s full of sugar and preservatives and blah blah. But guess what? Everything is fine in moderation, people. Who’s with me?! Be a rebel! As long as you feel good in body and mind, I really can’t see why having a lovely breakfast once in a while will hurt. You can also opt for other healthy options like avo and tomato on whole wheat toast, or oatmeal with cinnamon and peaches. I would have breakfast for every meal if I could! YUM!

4. it’s those little victories
follow a to-do list


I’m one of those people who enjoy having little accomplishments throughout my day…What about you? A To-Do list is the perfect way to high-five yourself over the little things, and keep you on track to fulfill your goals! Whether it’s short term or long term goals, crossing something off a list is the best dang thing that existed since oreo ice cream. (just kidding, ain’t nothing better than that, really.)
PLUS it will help you remember those pesky things like chores, gift shopping, or that phone bill you have to get sorted out.
The earlier you can tackle your list, the more productive you will be. So get crossin’ friends!!

lemon water
when life gives you lemons… make lemon water!


So simple, yet so gratifying!
I don’t tend to drink enough water every day because 8 glasses?  yeah it’s seems a bit overkill. But as soon as I started adding freshness to my water, it definitely became easier. Cutting lemons for your water is the easiest thing ever, and sooo worth the little amount of effort. That rejuvenating taste and a little splash of yellow color makes it that much more fun to drink. Dontcha think!?

Gets me every time. If you’re feeling extra wild, you can change it up with raspberries, blueberries or cucumbers, or even a couple of mint sprigs from your garden!
Nothing will remind you more of holiday vacationing then fresh colorful H20.

So, embrace and enjoy!

There you have it my friends. The five littlest things that will make your every day lovely. These things have made a world of difference in my life, to clear my head, keep me focused and keep my creativity alive on a daily basis. Try them out yourself, and comment below your thoughts!

(extra tip #6: Don’t drink crappy wine if you don’t enjoy crappy wine!
Splurge for once and don’t feel bad about it, cause you deserve it.)

Life is just too dang short to do things we don’t like, so embrace, enjoy, and remember to stay lovely. 🙂




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  1. Dave Wallace says:

    1 – Can’t make my bed. Don’t have one, just a sleeping bag!
    2 – I don’t get yoga. What’s wrong with just stretching, and then lifting some weights?
    3 – Breakfast??? I’m almost 10 pounds overweight, so gotta pass on that…
    4 – Without a to-do list I would be a basket case. Even with one, I’m a basket case!
    5 – I’m totally into lemon water. Proper hydration is more important than most people realize.



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