Do you have a lot on your plate and just wanna get stuff DONE?! I hear ya, ME TOO! lol

Being a DIY musician can be hard sometimes. From writing new songs, to trying to get new fans, to just plain keeping up with the all the new trends that come out seven billion times a year! It can really feel like we’re being pulled in a million different directions, all at once.

But, staying in touch with your AWESOME community as an independent artist is soo important. I kinda feel like that’s what determines if we will be a successful artist or not. Keeping up with fans is one of the most important things you can do. I’ve been a DIY indie artist for 9 years and have stumbled across a couple of truly great & simple tools to help me with my day-to-day juggling – I’m sure you know that familiar pain!

These FREE tools have helped me:

  • Increase engagement IMMENSELY with shares, retweets and a continuous conversation, while still freeing up my time behind the scenes
  • SAVE TIME – every. single. day. I literally use this free plug-in at least 40 times per day when writing emails, blogs or posts or ANYTHING involving my music & promotion… HUGE time saver <– Win win win!!
  • Put my social media on auto pilot, gaining a broader reach which = TONS of new FANS! woo 🙂 We all love those!
  • Edit my photos & thumbnails quickly for Facebook, Youtube, Twitter & Insta –> perfect for quick edits on the go
  • Doubled my earnings at live shows through sales!


So, if you’re interested to find out what 5 tools have really helped me along my journey as an indie in the last few years, click the button above to get the PDF download!

I hope you get as much benefit from them as I do!

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With alllll my love, Jess. ????

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K.. Deal?  good 🙂
Welcome to the tribe!!

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