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Indie Musician Touring

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I’m just gonna say it: The music industry is as messed up as it gets. As you can see, I’m a little more than mad. I don’t normally like writing posts that are negative in nature, but I just couldn’t let this one go. Let me dive straight into the reason why I am writing this post…

Why I turned down a huge tour

Apr 1, 2017

A Beautiful Rendition of a Heavy Metal Song - and a DIY Music video to go with it!

A Halloween Delight

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There’s something about the eerie darkness that has always fascinated me. Am I a heartfelt, happy, inspired person? Yes. Do I have a dark side… Yes. In film school I always thoroughly enjoyed making horror films. Writing, directing, editing… Everything about producing eerie movies, and bringing up unsettled nerves makes me feel very accomplished. Probably […]

Oct 27, 2016

Give the Gift of Song to a loved one!

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Ok first of all, I’m not sure if you are aware of this, but…I’M ON THE RADIO!!!!! I’m so happy I don’t even know where to begin. —> Pull yourself together Jessica! <— Omg omg omg! ???? The instant that I found out I was on the radio, I’m pretty sure my heart exploded into […]

I GOT ON THE RADIO!!!! ????? Time to celebrate!!

Oct 10, 2016


Art is not a luxury, it’s a privilege

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*sigh*. As I sit here in my bed, I am trying my best to share my thoughts on paper about what ART is… But the words won’t come. I recently spoke to my beautiful mother about how the world NEEDS art. And when I say art, I mean photographs, music, television shows, films, paintings, books, sculptures, street […]

Jul 21, 2016


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Thankful is something that has really been ringing in my ears lately. Every day I wake up with an abundance of thanks for all the things in my life, big or small. Sometimes I’m thankful for my family’s health & wellbeing, sometimes I’m thankful for a hot shower, sometimes I’m thankful for my little cactus […]

Being thankful brings good things :)

Jul 11, 2016


My spooky music video shoot

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Happy Halloween everyone!!! I know it’s late…. But only by 4 days!  My plan was to release this video on October 31st to make for an extra spooky halloween for all of my awesome fans, but unfortunately, my computer problems had the best of me and I wasn’t able to export my video in time. So, here […]

Nov 4, 2015


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What is it about inspiration?  Where does it come from? Art, films, nature? Trauma, heartache? Perhaps just a simple cup of tea and a flippin’ nice view? … and hopefully that view consists of a sexy naked man…

Where does inspiration come from?

Sep 29, 2015


How my stars aligned from Social Media

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A story of how my social media blew up, twice. Let me begin my story with this one day that really changed my life. A day that I rolled over in bed with messy hair and sleep in my eyeballs, and I had this beautiful army of friends from all over the world. I blinked […]

Sep 29, 2015


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After 3 months in the making, I am THRILLED to announce that my official music video “Love Parade” is finally here! Prepare to be swept away to the most wonderfully magical place, and get lost in a beautiful love parade along the way. This was a low budget indie video that I wrote, directed, funded, […]

Can I share some sunshine? :)

Sep 27, 2015


How to write a song

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I started writing songs 5 years ago, and although I feel I have improved significantly, my writing style has stayed the same throughout the years. Since I’ve gotten many questions about my writing process I thought it might be a good idea to cover this in the bloggie today. This is an inside look of […]

Sep 27, 2015


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