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How my stars aligned from Social Media

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Sep 29, 2015

A story of how my social media blew up, twice.

Let me begin my story with this one day that really changed my life. A day that I rolled over in bed with messy hair and sleep in my eyeballs, and I had this beautiful army of friends from all over the world. I blinked and rubbed my eyes, and noticed that I had gained an entire empire. An empire that somehow YOU are apart of. And it’s beautiful.

WHAT IS LIFE? How can this be?! It happened so suddenly! THANK YOU for caring about me and supporting my every moment.







Ok ok ok, enough with the lovey dovey.

Now I’ll tell you ALLLL about how it all happened, down to the nitty gritty deets.


It all started one cold dreary afternoon in THIS place.  Welcome to my little student home in London, Canada! What a slice !!! eeek! I know I know… it wasn’t EXTRA glamorous or anything… but what can I say? I’m a real human too you know… and rent is expensive as a student! A girl’s gotta eat!

Annnyway…I came back from class in the middle of a cold rainy day and I was sad. Sad about life, boys, the weather, so I picked up my guitar and started to play. In 15 minutes I had written what would be my most popular song to date. All of my emotions and thoughts came out into one pretty little song entitled ‘Change the World’. Several months later I received an invitation from a student in the music production program to record an EP in the studio at my college. I chose this song along with 3 others to make my very first album.


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I began making youtube videos regularly from covers to originals, and even covered some songs in Portuguese. I started to notice that my following was becoming more and more prevalent with Brazilians! In fact, one of my duet covers had gained hundreds of thousands of views. I thought, whatttt is going on?  As time went on the word spread and before I knew it, over 60% of my following was from Brazil, and my social media fan base kept growing.

If there was a way for me to show you how much I love Brazil through the computer screen, I would. I would kiss alllll of the brazilians, all over their faces!
When I say LOVE I mean Luuvvv luv luv.  I may have said it once before, but I truly feel in my heart that I once was a Brazilian in a previous life.


Coincidentally, there happened to be one particular Brazilian living in Spain who had wanted to use Change the World for a video called Adeu Barcelona. This video seemed like it was for a good cause, so I went ahead and allowed him to use it. Little did I know it would gain over half a million views in a month, and give me a good bump in my Social Media stats. Not only did my stats go up, but there were companies around the world who saw this video as an excellent marketing example, and featured it in many different conferences and meetings. This means that people all over the world were hearing MY original music. MY OWN original song that came to me on a very dreary day to cheer me up. Within weeks people were connecting with me personally and reaching out to share my story with others. From this moment, my empire of awesome fans was born.

Shortly after, I had landed my very first commercial for TELUS in a Canadian national ad campaign to feature the companies philanthropy.  I was flown across Canada to make exclusive performances and appearances, and take part in this beautiful weird thing called fame. I was also approached by several other companies in South America and Europe to use my song in their ad campaigns as well.

I earned a lot of press in a fast amount of time.


The SECOND time my stars aligned was much quicker, and was also by accident. I was as my sisters apartment one fall afternoon when she first showed me the video “What does the Fox Say”. At that time, the video was only starting to catch fire. I immediately thought the song was hilarious and needed to tackle my own version of it. Within a week, I had uploaded my cover.

Somehow it started catching the attention of the wonderful youtube community, and before I blinked, it had over a million views.

I must have uploaded it at just the right time. Aren’t I a lucky girl!?
With that nice Social Media boost after the Fox video, my stats are always rising, my fans base is growing, and my. stars. aligned.  


When I say “my stars aligned” I mean it. Change the World truly changed my life, and it all happened as a snow ball effect from one cold dreary Canadian day. I have continued to make regular youtube videos, and start pursuing the life as an indie musician that I have always dreamed of: To make beautiful music, create lovely content, and most importantly, to inspire and motivate the human race to be kind to one another and to reach their own goals.

As of today I have earned over 30 000 youtube subscribers, 14 000 facebook fans, 10000 on twitter and 1200 on insta, with a total of 5.8 million views. Now if that ain’t from the stars, then put me in a rocket ship and fly me away.

PS. Interested in aligning your own social media stars? Here’s some MUST HAVE tools for every DIY musician!


Thanks for reading!


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