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WE DID IT! ???? 14K for the RMH!

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Dec 20, 2019


With your help, we raised $14000 CAD for the Ronald McDonald House Toronto! 

I am sooo proud and soo humbled. Can you believe it? We met my fundraising goal and THEN SOME!


I am speechless and so grateful. Truthfully, I couldn’t imagine actually being able to raise this goal with only 12 shows. The chances of that were slim, not only because of tour and merch expenses, but also because the final profits after expenses would be divided in two: 1/2 for RMH and 1/2 for me, so I can continue supporting myself as an independent musician.

We made it, all because of you. YOU did this. You helped to make my goal a reality. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I made 7 really fun and quirky videos from the tour. All of them are special in their own way but here’s a recap:

Part 1 – Tour Launch & Ford Sponsored me!
Part 2 – Dad comes to visit, I make him kayak
Part 3 – Dad hates my hat, we hike & meet a new friend
Part 4 – I dance with Harry, fly in a mini plane and share a new song
Part 5 – Butterfly migration, eating a crab in Louisiana, and my friends joining me in Gulf Shores!
Part 6 – Greg joins me, birthday fun and I got to go to Disney World!
Part 7 – My sister Vicki (Henry’s Mom) arrives, the last day/Ford handoff and an emotional reveal at RMH Toronto

One thing to note:
On the second last day, my mom and I saw on the horizon what’s called a Sundog – a rainbow on both sides of the sun. ???? We knew that Henry was giving each of us a little wave on the final leg.
Then, on the last day of the tour (literally one minute before the Ford hand over), my mom and I were driving towards the drop off point, and what do we see? “The Henry” Hotel. ????

Special thanks:
goes out to The Ronald McDonald House for hosting my sister & husband during their tragedy. To Ford for sponsoring my tour, to all my house concert hosts & guests who donated so much time, energy and money from the heart to make this a success. To all the online donors, my family for their continuing support and Greg for being a rock on the hardest days I’ve endured yet.


THANK YOU for being a part of my life over the last year during the highs & lows.
Here is a holiday album to show my gratitude. It’s called Ukemas, which was recorded all on the ukulele. Get it? Uke-Mas… Ukulele-Christmas!! How clever! I thought so. ????
I am super proud as I recorded and produced this album all my myself in my new home studio.
Listen on Spotify, Apple Music, & itunes.

*Note: Canadian stores are slower at releasing albums, so if you don’t see it in store, it should be arriving soon!

Hope you love it.
Until the next year and Happy Holidays to you and yours!

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  1. Triều An says:

    so great
    i love it

  2. wow! it’s so great to know about that!



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