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I turned 30! Here are some things I’ve learned.

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Dec 4, 2019

Not everyone gets to make it to 30. I am so humbled and proud to have made it this far.
Not only have I made it, but I am thriving. And I am happy.

I’ve compiled a list of 30 things that have become important reminders as I go through daily life. Honestly, I’m kinda making this list for myself, so I always have something to look back on and reference, but I love to share, so here it goes!

  1. Real, genuine, honest people are hard to come by. Hold onto (and treat dearly) anyone you find like this.
  2. It’s WAY easier to let go and float with the flow, rather than try to swim against the current. So let go and enjoy the ride. I promise it’ll be more fun in the long run.
  3. Alone time is essential. Do it often, even if you get bored. Once you learn to sit with yourself, you’ll find the greatest friend and supporter you’ll ever need from within… YOURSELF.
  4. STOP over planning, over worrying and over thinking! Things rarely go according to plan anyway.
  5. Being punctual is more important than you think. (something I struggle with!) You’ll be more respected by yourself and others if you prioritize punctuality.
  6. Rushing kills the soul. Think about it. Your soul is here to live, to be, to enjoy. Stop rushing through things and start enjoying the beauty of life unfolding in front of your eyes.
  7. Make time for people that you love. No work is ever more important than family and best friends.
  8. Be a kind person. Kindness always wins.
  9. Be open to new possibilities, because you never know a stranger until you know them, and  you never know what new adventures lie ahead if you give them a chance.
  10. Challenge your beliefs once in a while by asking the question “why”. (example: WHY am I so upset that my audio wasn’t captured properly *Because I expected to make an epic creation to share with my audience. *WHY did I want to share something with my audience? *Because I wan’t to always have new creations available and don’t want to let anybody down. *WHY do I think I am letting them down? * I guess I’m not letting anyone down, nobody even knows about this creation so it doesn’t matter, and they wouldn’t mind anyway.) Get curious, until there are no more answers to your “why” question. Then decide if that belief is still relevant/important to you.Stunning photo captured by http://www.instagram.com/larksnest

    Stunning photo captured by http://www.instagram.com/larksnest


  11. You’re allowed to change. This is how we grow. Don’t be afraid to make changes to yourself and your outlook to make yourself a better person. It’ll be hard in the beginning in front of family and friends, but eventually the new you will become the new normal.
  12. Breathe. Remember to breathe deeply every day.
  13. Get outside as much as you can, even if you don’t really feel like it. As cliche as it sounds, an afternoon hike or sitting in the sunshine really does wonders for  mind, body & soul.
  14. Everything. Will. Work. Out. It always does, always! So just have faith and relax – that’s your only job.
  15. The only person that can make you feel better is yourself. Don’t put any blame on others for the feelings you are having. YOU have the ability to change the way you feel, no one else holds that power against you but YOU.
  16. Relationships take a lot of effort. Choose your partner daily. Commit to your promises. Communicate. Show up and do the work. There are fields of roses just waiting on the other side for both of you to enjoy together, if you’re both willing to put in the work.
  17. Be helpful to strangers and people in your life whenever you can. One day you’ll need help and karma will be good to you.
  18. Also – It’s OK to accept help from others when you need it! Don’t try to take everything on yourself, especially when someone is willing to offer. And if you can’t do a task alone, don’t be afraid to ask for help either. Humans innately want to help. Let them.
  19. The body is incredible! It is always healing old wounds and regenerating new cells. Be grateful for your beautiful healthy body, every day.
  20. Animals know more than we do. Let them love you and love them back even more. Pets have a much shorter life to experience than we do, and we are their everything. They deserve your love in every way.

    Stunning photo captured by http://www.instagram.com/larksnest

  21. It takes a village. It truly does.
  22. Be kind to your body …but also eat ice cream when you want ice cream.
  23. If you really want to leave a legacy, take care of this earth. Your children and their children need a place to call home after you’re gone.
  24. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, and don’t rely on one single person to give you everything you think you need. You have so much inside yourself already, turn within and search for what you’re looking for.
  25. You’ll get more bees with honey. If things aren’t going your way, shower your enemy with kindness and sweetness. Become their friend. Have compassion. You’ll eventually get what you want and then some, just by being nice.
  26. Stick to your commitments.
  27. Karma is real, so pay attention to the things happening around you and be grateful.
  28. Set goals yearly and have a daily / weekly to do list. Watch your dreams slowly unfold.
  29. All good things really do come with hard work – it doesn’t matter how much you manifest something. Put in effort = get rewarded.
  30. We are all just trying to do life right and be happy. When you’re sitting next to a stranger on a plane, or in a line up at the grocery store, treat them you would a close friend. We all have our own story and we’ve all been through a hell of a lot. We’ve all experienced love and loss at some point in our lives. If we knew everyone else’s story and treated each other as a friend, this world would be a completely different and much more beautiful, harmonious place. Next time you’re in a crowded public space, try to imagine the lives of other’s standing next to you and treat them like you would a loved one. We all need a shoulder to lean on sometimes, even if it’s from someone that we don’t even know…yet.

I Love you.
Happy Birthday
and here’s to the next 30 years!

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