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Surprise… I got MARRIED!!!👰 🤵 🥰

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Jan 28, 2021

FINALLY… Some good news that came out of 2020!

Phew – what a year, what a YEAR. It was crazy, wasn’t it? I mean, 2020 just felt like the year that would never end. How are you doing!? How did you cope through most of COVID and shutdowns?

It’s crazy to think it’s almost been 365 days since our first lockdown started. To me, it feels like time has gone at snails pace, while also flying so fast that I barely blinked before the year was over… All the while, remaining in my coziest pjs LOL!

Bouquet of flowers in desert canyon Lake Powell, AZ

Despite all the challenges during this crazy time, and being apart for soooo many months due to border closures, Greg and I realized that we just didn’t want to be away from each other any longer. I think with many couples COVID would either “make you” or “break you”, and in our situation it really “made us” come together and commit to a life with each other side by side. SoOOoOoo… I am thrilled to announce our union as husband & wife!

Yup, you heard it first – right here!

You may already know Greg from previous posts, but I thought I’d share again how we came to be what I now call “Greggica” 😂. Greg and I met in August 2017 on my first cross country house concert tour in Basalt, CO. I was 2 months into my solo journey as a travelling musician, figuring tour-life out day by day. While in Colorado, I had some extra days to explore and wanted to find someone local to take me around – cuz I’m lazy like that LOL. So I coyly got on Bumble (the dating app) and started looking for matches.

Groom smiling during adventure elopement in Lake Powell, AZ cayon

Greg was my first match in Colorado and offered to take me on a hike in Snowmass. We met at a grocery store parking lot (I had my mace in hand 😀) and then we drove together to the trail head. That first hike turned into a date as he took me to lunch after and we played guitar together in the park. The most special thing we found out about each other that day is that we are both fairly fluent in Brazilian Portuguese. What are the chances!? I took it as a good sign. We proceeded to see each other every day afterwards until it was time for me to move onto the next city for a show.

At the time, Greg was finishing up a sabbatical and was ready to start searching for a new job and life calling. He was applying for jobs online, which meant he could travel anywhere as he took interviews digitally. Crazy as I am, on a whim I asked him to come on tour with me and be a groupie. Although he is more risk-adverse that I, something told him to take a leap of faith and join me for a few weeks on the road.

couple camping in illinois state beach park with vintage camper

When camping dates lead to marriage…

We spent our first official weeks of dating in my 13′ vintage camper Pearl. Imagine that! No bathroom, no shower and 2 grown adults sharing 1 single bed and 65 sq ft of space. We hopped from campsites to house concert homes, learning all about each other alongside the bugs, dirt and grime that comes along with camping. By the time my tour had finished, Greg was offered a job as a software engineer and moved to Baltimore to live with his brother. That began our 3 year courting and long distance relationship.

Fast forward 3 years to when Greg proposed on a weekend getaway in Cape Charles, VA when I was finally able to cross the border to see him. How special it was to be able to come together after 4 months being apart due to COVID, and deciding to spend the rest of our lives together.

Newly engaged couple shows ring on trip in Cape Charles, VA

We celebrated our union in 2 different ways:

1: Spiritual Adventure “Elopement”: We took part in a special glamping trip atop a desert mountain canyon in Lake Powell, AZ (special thanks to desert harbor retreat for making this possible! More info on this trip to come, along with a crazy EPIC beautiful video by Shutterfreek). Although we didn’t officially elope in the canyon, we DID read love letters to each other, reflected about our journey thus far, and glamped out in the wilderness under the stars with all the little details taken care of by the Desert Harbor crew. It definitely reminded me of our first weeks dating in my camper, just a little more elegant and luxurious!!

2: A micro-wedding at the Colonial Williamsburg Inn: Officially-officially, we tied the knot in October 2020 at a pandemic-compliant micro wedding in Williamsburg, VA, where my parents, Greg’s parents and his brother came together to celebrate. Although I have a HUGE family back home in Canada, we had to keep our ceremony small and quaint due to the pandemic. We’re planning on hosting a grand reception with all of our loved ones in a year or two, when it’s safe to do so.

Husband and wife stand outside in the rain with umbrella on wedding day in Colonial Williamsburg Inn, Virginia

So, that’s our story!! I feel so fortunate to have met a person who really understands me, grounds me and loves me exactly the way I am. Greg is my greatest support and it’s been sooo beyond cool having a life-long-live-in best-friend by my side through it all. ESPECIALLY as we navigate this crazy time in the world!

Love you my greggie.

Cheers to us, and here’s to a lifetime of snuggly hugs, silly dancing, endless theme songs, making up our own language, and laughing every single day together. No one is better suited for me than you. 💖

Husband and wife stand in desert canyon for adventure elopement in Lake Powell, AZ

A little about Greg:

Greg works for Amazon as a software engineer which has brought us to the lovely city of Seattle! He enjoys working out, cooking, reading fantasy, drinking coffee, playing video games with his friends, and being a goofy dog dad. Greg is a self taught guitar player (like me!) and can speak Portuguese very well (also like me!).

Together as a family we love going on outings with our new puppy Walter, watching netflix, hiking, and exploring new coffee shops around the city.

Many hugs to you 🙂

-Jessica (& Greg)

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  1. Cheryl Carpet says:

    Congratulations to you both! I love hearing your beautiful story and the breathtaking photos of you and Greg in so many amazing places.
    Wishing you both a lifetime of love, fun, adventure and travel <3.

  2. ayumi ozeki says:

    Wonderful news especially in 2020! Our honeymoon was traveling around AZ/UT and did visit Lake Powell among others. More than 10 years later I visited the same Lake Powell with my kids (wife watched other kids at home) and funny I could tell exactly where we went around, except sad to see tremendous amount of lost water. Where we were standing and took photos near the water became top of the cliff way above the ground.
    Anyway – beautiful photos.

    • Jessica Allossery says:

      How awesome is lake powell!? We are DEFINITELY going to go back again some day and revisit. Maybe a cool house boat will be in order this time lOL

  3. Sandee Chandler says:

    Wow! Congratulations to the Both of You. What a beautiful couple you are together!

  4. Todd Pschierer says:

    Hi Jess and Greg!

    Such a beautiful set of experiences upon your union and lovely pictures!!!!

    We sure hope you both a life of love and happiness, growth and wonderment, fun and excitement!!! Peace and Joy!!!

    The Pschierer’s

    • Jessica Allossery says:

      Always love getting marrital advice from you and Ginny – such a fine example of what true friendship and a marriage should be! Thank you!



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