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I got a THIRD song on Sirius XM!!?

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Feb 4, 2018

I somehow managed to get a third original song – My Little Girl – on Sirius XM The Coffeehouse and I have no idea how all these amazing things keep happening to me! ????

I feel so deeply blessed. Every single day. The fact that I can say I am a full time musician, with songs on the radio, going on tours across the world — It’s incredible! 100% I would not be where I am now, without offering the creation of custom songs. Ever since I started the “Gift of Song”, my music career, and my life, shifted completely.

When I began writing personal songs and seeing how they are profoundly affecting people in such beautiful ways, the world started feeling whole… as if the universe was coming full circle.

I felt my purpose in my bones.

My Little Girl by Jessica Allossery

I would like to introduce my newest creation: My Little Girl. Contrary to what some people may think – I did NOT write the song for my own daughter, because I don’t have one… Nope. My life is not THAT exciting. LOL This song was written for a family who started as fans and, through touching experiences and heart wrenching moments, have become great friends.
Please feel free to listen and follow along with lyrics below:

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 My Little Girl by Jessica Allossery

You’ve grown up now
And you’ve packed your bags
You’re leaving home as I
Stand here so speechless
Cause you’re so beautiful
As you live your dreams
And I want you to know
You will always be

My little girl
My little, my little girl
This is your world
So go explore now
Ba ba ba ba ba ba da da da
Ba ba ba ba ba ba da da da

Now you’re older
A woman in your right
You’ll make choices
And I’ll be by your side
If you want me too
I will be here for you
Cause you’re so beautiful
And I want you to know

My little girl
My little, my little girl
This is your world
So go explore now
Ba ba ba ba ba ba da da da
Ba ba ba ba ba ba da da da

We’ve been through a lot together
I’m in awe of how you turned out
This year has been so hard
But I know you will bloom
Daughter just don’t bloom too soon

My little girl
My little, my little girl
This is your world
So go explore now
Ba ba ba ba ba ba da da da
Ba ba ba ba ba ba da da da

My Little Girl by Jessica Allossery

This is Todd and Ginny from Penfield, NY. They discovered my music after tragedy struck their family in 2016, when their 22 year old son had passed away. His life was cut short way too soon on this earth.

One day in mourning, Todd sat in the parking lot of his sons home with Sirius XM The Coffeehouse playing quietly in the background. While remembering and missing his son Justin, my song I’ll Let You Go started playing. Todd told me he felt a very strong urge to contact me, to share his experience and connection with my song, and his recent devastating loss. Fast forward a few months, and Todd, Ginny and Christine their daughter, put together a celebration of life evening where I performed a house concert in Justin’s honor.

As with most of my house concert hosts, we stayed in touch, and a true friendship started blossoming. Todd and Gin decided to hold another House Concert as the first show on my 2017 House Concert Tour, and a fundraiser in memory of Justin. The guests and all of the people who loved and missed Justin were profoundly touched during my concert. Christine (Justin’s younger sister) even performed with me on stage to share hers and Justin’s love of music with the crowd.  It was a beautiful and very special day.

My Little Girl by Jessica Allossery

Through the tragedy of losing their son, Todd and Ginny felt like their beautiful daughter Christine got lost in the shuffle. Between funeral planning and support groups and coping strategies, she was left in the dark for a little while, to try and figure out the next steps of her own journey.  So they turned to me to bring some light & love back into the family through a custom song. They gave me the theme, details and a few words to include, and I began writing.

My Little Girl was made with love through a group effort, and I couldn’t be more proud of what it has become. Todd and Ginny were able to show Christine just how proud they are of all of her accomplishments, even through the strife that hit their family just 2 short years ago.

My Little Girl by Jessica Allossery

I’m so thankful that my music and Sirius XM brought me together with many fans who have now become life-long friends. I know that this is only the beginning. My journey will have many other stories unique in their own way, that come full circle just as this one has. How profound that one word or one lyric or one song can strike someone so deeply, that a friendship is born and healing is shared.

Life is a gift that is always on our side. Cherish the ups and downs – and light will always come.

Buy MY LITTLE GIRL on: Bandcamp

Listen to MY LITTLE GIRL on: Spotify

PS. Want to learn more about custom songs? Click here!

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  1. Aki says:

    This morning when I was driving to my work, I heard your song “my little girl.” I have 2 daughters; 10 and 14 years old. In the middle of song, I was literary crying in my car! Which was not good thing to be happened before going to work. I loved your song and just wanted to say thank you for creating such a beautiful song:)

  2. DANE BRINSKO says:

    I have been hearing this song on the coffeehouse. I took a screenshot at a stop sign so I could look it up when I got home. Just sent them the link. It really touches a chord with me. I wish you all the best in your songwriting endeavors. Let us know if you are ever in the Houston or Austin areas.

  3. Melva says:

    I was driving home this evening with my 2 daughters in the car aged 8 and 9. Everyone stopped playing on their IPADs and listened. We were all touched so much that I had to search this song. The words are some meaningful and it really captured my daughter’s hearts. It’s so beautiful and I hope we get to hear more music from you. Simply lovely. ~I would love dedicate it to my daughters Meleah and Moriah who both overcame significant obstacles this year. Go get em!

    • Jessica Allossery says:

      What a story Melva! Yay, I’m so thrilled that you and your girls connected with My Little Girl! <3 Sending hugs to the three of you!

  4. Roanne says:

    I just heard this beautiful song and immediately had to send to my daughter! Thank you look forward to hearing more of you!

  5. Tiare says:

    Gorgeous song!! I have 3 little girls so this tugs on my heart strings!

  6. Celeste says:

    My sister lost her newborn girl this morning. I’m on my way to be with them. Your music played on Coffeehouse on the way and is helping channel the grief to peace and hope. Thank you

    • Jessica Allossery says:

      Hi Celeste. I am so sorry to hear about your family’s loss. I don’t know which song you heard, but I assume it is “I’ll Let You Go”. It seems to reach people in their lives when they need it most. Please do share it with your family as well. Hopefully it can provide some healing for them too. Sending warm hugs.

  7. Chris says:

    Just heard this song about 2 hours ago while driving with my 16 year old daughter while talking about her going to college next year. I had to come look it up. Congrats on a Great song.

  8. Al says:

    I am listening to My Little Girl right now for the first time and crying! So beautiful and perfect. Thank you for your amazing gift! I want to hug my sweet baby and listen to this together.

    • Jessica Allossery says:

      So happy to hear this Al! Yay! I’m glad I could bring some emotions up to the surface with My Little Girl! <3

  9. Elaine says:

    Dear Jessica,
    I first heard your song “I’ll Let You Go” on Sirius Coffeehouse while driving home, a mere hour after dropping off my then 21-year-old daughter at JFK airport, where she was heading to England for a semester abroad last January. I was trying everything in my power to distract myself and then “I’ll Let You Go” came on. Tears flowed, for sure. Now she’s a senior in college, 10 hours away from home, and thinking about where in the world her life will take her. Your new song “My Little Girl” speaks to my heart like no other! Each time I hear it or “I’ll Let You Go”, I Shazam it and share it with her, as my way of letting her know I’m thinking about her. I CANNOT EVEN SAY THE WORDS “JESSICA ALLOSSERY” to her without crying, which undoubtedly makes her shake her head. Someday, she’ll understand, but in the meantime, thank you for your words and your music. And may God bless Todd, Ginny and Christine.

    • Jessica Allossery says:

      Elaine what a beautiful story!!! It always amazes me how every individual has their own journey with I’ll Let You Go. I’m so happy you heard the newest song My Little Girl as well!! YAY! Glad we are connected now on the blog. Maybe I’ll see you in my travels / house concert tour!! xox

  10. Holly S Sherwood says:

    wow..i just heard this song on coffee house and cryed my eyes out with joy!..thank you!

  11. Jessica Allossery says:

    It’s so beautiful how we got connected Todd. I’m thankful that Justin connected us in this way!!

  12. Todd says:

    Hi world!

    This Todd Pschierer. The above account of how our lives were connected with Jessica can only be described as amazing! There was a coming together of the universe that has been a wonderful series of healing and lifegiving connections throughout the past 2 years.

    We are so proud of our daughter as she attends college for music and of her maturing into a woman in her own right. I hope you enjoy “My Little Girl” as much as we are and that you share love, compassion, and light to as many as you can!

    Jessica….you are the best!


  13. Emily says:

    I heard this song on Sirius last night! I had a baby girl in January and must admit that your song brought tears to my eyes- the lyrics and your voice are so beautiful! Thank you.

    • Jessica Allossery says:

      That is the sweetest thing ever! Congrats on your new little one. I’m so happy the song brought us together!



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