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Cupcakes & Birthdays! ???? I’m 28, HOLY COW!!!

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Nov 29, 2017

Two days ago was my 28th birthday.

aaaackkkk!!!! Crazy huh.
Where has the time gone?!

When I woke up, I was soooo thankful, even more than normal.
It dawned on me that not everybody gets a happy, healthy, 28 full years of life. 

After writing I’ll Let You Go, going on tour this year, meeting many incredible people and hearing their stories of loss, and performing at a baby’s funeral last week, my eyes have been opened to the concept of age. I’ve always been aware that I am not guaranteed to live to a specific age in my lifetime, but I always felt confident that I’d live until I was, well, at least “OLD”.

Now that I’ve experienced all of this years ups, downs and swirls, I realize that NOTHING is guaranteed. Nothing is promised! To think you will live until you’re ‘old’ would be to predict the impossible, because we will never be 100% sure if we will have the privilege to make it to our elder years.

I know it’s cheesy, but:
every day truly is a gift at ANY stage of life.

Simple as that.


birthday cupcakes decadent gift designer four 4


Alright, so what did I do to celebrate my birth and gift of life on Jessica-Day!?

  • I got to wake up beside my sweetie in Virginia
  • went for an epic mediterranean lunch
  • spent the day spoiling myself with a shopping spree
  • ate some decadent designer cupcakes
  • watched Finding Dory on netflix. ????

Pretty epic right?!!!!

It was the perfect. day.


Not only did I get to do allllll the fun things on my special day, but I also got to spend some time reading every single comment on facebook, instagram and personal emails with birthday wishes from around the world.
and THAT was the icing on the cake.


cute dog puppy morkie birthday

A birthday greeting from my favourite girl!!! ❤️ #birthdaydog #bestfriendpuppy #onlylove


Every year it amazes me how many friends & fans care enough to wish me a spectacular day.
Often times it’s easy to forget how many kind spirits are surrounding us who TRULY care — even in our darkest hours when we think we are alone.

I’ve met lots of cool people on my adventures throughout the years; most specifically during my travels and, connecting with new souls online as I started my journey as a musician 9 years ago. I don’t often believe that I have much impact on people – and I know I’m not alone!!!

I can only imagine how many kick-ass people are out there kickin’-ass, (… that includes YOU) and don’t even realize the positive changes they are bringing to this world.

birthday cake funny jessica allossery custom gift

After reading all the birthday wishes from family, close friends, distant friends, strangers, and family members I don’t see very often, I felt overwhelmed by messages filled with love, blessings, and the kindest words to remind me how I am having an impact on the world.

☀️Each message was a glimmer of sunshine and I appreciated every single one. ☀️



if one of those birthday messages, emails or notes was from you, THANK YOU. For being the youest YOU there is! Thank you for wishing me a spectacularly special birthday. Thank you for even reading this far into the post. You truly reminded me how loved I am, and made my day complete.

And now, I’d like to pass along the good vibes by telling you how awesome of a human you are: YOU are awesome.
If you could only see the ray of lights bouncing off your incredible-being-ness, you might feel how much beauty and love you’re putting out to everyone around you. By sharing your energy, you are joining in the collective efforts to make this world brighter each and every day. So, thank you.


Love Always,




PS. Gorgeous photos in the desert are taken by the awesome Josh Williams




Well actually, it’s the FIRST product that’s ever been up in the Jessica Shop, and I am so thrilled to bring you this awesome news!!


custom gift painting lyrics music jessica allossery grow old

This year, I am creating custom canvases with my song lyrics hand painted in gold lettering. This is an excellent idea for anyone searching for a BIRTHDAY or CHRISTMAS GIFT this year for a loved one (or just for yourself, cause why not!?!) 

These paintings are MADE TO ORDER, they run at $250 (free shipping) and are 14 x 11 inches.

If you are interested in ordering one, please visit the Jessica Shop and submit your order!


**More to come in ‘the Jessica Shop’ very soon!!! ????

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  1. Ivano says:

    Happy birthday!

  2. André Galvão says:

    HI Jess,

    Happy birthday (late, I know – rsrsrsrsrsr)!!! Be always happy and enjoy your life every single day.



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