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WATER: behind the lyrics

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Nov 12, 2017

Who here loves water?
I hope EVERYONE in this room said “I” because our bodies are almost entirely made up of that stuff. It’s MEGA important!
Just as much as our deep breathing, heart pumping organs, water is a necessity for everything we do.

That’s why I decided to write an entire song about it.
We humans need water, and most of us love it — whether you’re a surfer, cottage-owner-by-the-lake, swimmer, coffee drinker, or just plain ol’ regular human…..We need water on this earth to survive, and since we are starting to feel the scary effects of global warming and experiencing water shortages around the world, I wanted to remind my epic listeners out there to be grateful for the abundance of water that most of us have at home to drink, bathe and live healthfully.

Now THAT’S outta the way…

First things first: I am going to tell you the story behind the inspiration of my song in a little Q&A format, and THEN I’m going to tell you the story behind the lyric video (see below) I made in the desert on my House Concert Tour in 2017.


WHY did you write the song? I wrote Water because one day I was browsing on the interwebs, and happened to stumble upon this beautifully stunning website called charity:water. If you’ve never heard of the site, it’s is a non-profit charity that helps to bring clean drinking water to communities in developing countries in need, across the globe. After browsing around, I was swallowed up in the beauty of the images and videos, showing success stories of communities who have benefitted from the fresh water brought in by the charity… I just remember thinking.. WOW! this is not your ordinary charity site… The images of the local people in need are not depressed skeletals with flies all over their faces. The people in these images are smiling & happy, filled with hope for a brighter future; One that includes clean drinking water for their children, loved family members, and sick people in the community. That website was awe inspiring, and instantly I needed to write about it, and THAT created the preliminary stages of my song Water.

WHERE did you write it? I wrote the skeleton of Water during my mini fall tour in Calgary back in 2015. Really not much to the story except I was living in a friends basement in a VERY cold winter, and I was sitting by the fireplace with my laptop, and a big ol’ glass of water when I started writing!

HOW did you finish the song? After bringing a list of songs to my producer Moe Berg for my new album Open Sea, we both agreed that it would be a valuable contribution to the album. He highlighted the parts of the song that needed clarification, and I went ahead and added new lyrics, removed some older parts, and VOILA!

HOW LONG did it take to write? The skeleton of the song took about an hour to write. After I made some revisions, I would say it took me about 4 hours in total to write Water, which has turned out to be one of my favourite songs to date.


All I want is the water
All I want is the sea
To feel that sunshine
That warm ocean breeze
I know life is good
With a routine
But sometimes I need
Somewhere to be free
I will search until I find
Somewhere to calm my mind
And feel all the good vibes…inside
Wash with the water
Wash in the sea
Live by the water
Live to be free
Heal with the water
Just feel the peace
Let your mind wander
And let it all be

This earth is a privilege
That some may not know
Don’t take it for granted
Cause we reap what we sow
We are so blessed
To have what we have
Share good intentions
And it’ll all come back
All I want is the water
All I want is the sea
To feel that sunshine
Somewhere to be free

Ok now that you’ve seen the lyric video above, I know what you’re thinking: Hoooolllld on a sec…. You made a music video about water… in a DESERT!?

I did.

And I feel pretty darn good about it too.

I did this for 2 reasons:

  1. Because it totally makes sense since I’m singing about WANTING to be near the water
  2. Because I was in Joshua Tree national park AKA the desert and it was 114 degrees and there was no water to be found ANYWHERE ????

Basically, my videographer and I had no choice but to film in the desert because it was smack dab in the middle of my house concert tour in July, I only had one more day with him on board to film, and we just happened to be in the middle of a place where no water exists. Simple as that.

I’d say we made pretty darn good use of a sticky situation and I think it worked out perfectly!

I hope this video goes down in history.

That is all.



PS. Do you love water? Please share your love for water in the comments below and tell me what YOU’RE favourite thing about water is.

PPS. SPECIAL gigantic thank you to my 42 patrons who support the making of this video (and many others) and who help me work towards being a self-sustaining independent artist. You are theeee best beyyyyond amazing people of this world, and I cherish every single one of you for believing in what I do.

can we be friends?

I solemnly swear to stick by you through thick & thin, and also to tell you when there's spinach in your teeth. lol

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  1. priyam says:

    A lovely song Jessica i loved it

  2. priyam says:

    Very nice Jessica i just loved it. and it also helped to win the singing competition. Thanks a lot

  3. Sherry Mann says:

    Best of luck Jessica for your new song Water. I loved its lyrics and video too. You sung it excellently.

  4. Sam Carrell says:

    Got to hear you in Des Moines this August. Love your water song. I find it has the same impact on me as water…relaxing! We have quite a water issue here in Iowa, trying to balance our Agricultural prowess and our water quality. Am actually working with a group of talented people to develop some enhancements in Des Moines Water Works Park (about twice the size of NY’s Central Park), and one of the major elements is an outdoor amphitheater. You would have driven right by it on your way out to the airport the next morning. We’re building it next year, maybe next time through you can sing there! Keep living your dream!

    • Jessica Allossery says:

      That’s awesome.. Maybe one day, ONE day I’ll be able to come back and perform there – that would be sooo cool!

  5. Amy Guarino says:

    Love this… on so many levels!

  6. Jai Windish says:

    Very nice – loved it. Great work



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