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Jul 25, 2017

hey guess what…

I’M ON TOUR…!!!!!! and I’m soooo happy. ????  I’ve been smiling my face off for days!

My first house concert tour in the USA has been amazing so far. The most epic-epically incredible – wonderful – rainbow with sprinkles & unicorns lovely that it could ever be.


When I started planning this tour wayyy back in January, I never really thought about how things might turn out. To be honest, I didn’t even have time to think about ANYTHING, really. I was a robot, planning, planning, planning, organizing, emails, scheduling, etc.

Now that I am finally living & breathing my dream every single day, the experiences along the journey have been incredibly abundant and energizing.  I have met truly some of the most amazing people on this earth, at every single show.

One incredible #houseconcert on the tour so far – of the many that I’ve had! This one was in #charlottenc So many wonderful things happening on my #2017usahouseconcerttour I feel SO taken care of by the most amazing people.


Another one for the books ✅ #houseconcert #houseconcerttour #usa #jessicaallossery #houstontexas


I wish I could put into words the love that I’ve been granted throughout the journey so far. I left home 2 months ago with teary eyes and fear of the unknown. But the moment I performed my first show on the tour, I knew that this was something I was born to do. 11 shows later, it’s been a honour to finally meet some new, very excited fans, and also some older fans who have been with me since the beginning. Each show is unique and beautiful in it’s own way. On stage I feel like a humble leader, sharing my songs & life stories in hopes to bring some inspiration to each guest attending. I’ve made grown men cry and small children dance….It’s those moments that make me wake up in awe every morning, and wonder if this is real or if it’s a dream.

It was 104 degrees when I snapped this pic – no biggie Allthefeels in the windy Wild West!! ☀️#roadtrip #wildwest #houseconcerttour #travel #tourbus #vintagecamper #tinyhomes #tinyhouseliving #sheexplores @she_explores #texas #desert


Most of the trip I’ve been flying solo. At first I felt super anxious… I’d clean my camper, cook meals, plan future campsite stops and listen to podcasts. I tried EVERYTHING to keep busy and avoid sitting still and relaxing. I had been so loaded down with work for so many months, that now finally when I had the time to sit, I didn’t know how. Imagine that! I actually had to train myself on how to chill out and do nothing. My body, mind & spirit were so accustomed to endless work days, that it truly was a struggle to learn to just sit.

Now with 2 months in, I can pause throughout the day whenever I need, and feel comfortable when I have nothing to do but take in the sights and sounds surrounding me. I’m actually finding that I struggle to check my emails daily! That’s how much of a 180 this experience has been… Well deserved down-time has allowed me to do nothing but perform shows, meet & visit fans, and drive along the open road with Pearl the camper.

Chillin in the best campsite ever ⛺️#northbendpark #pearlthecamper #tourbus #trailer #campertrailer #camperrenovation #tinyhomes #tinyhouse #tinyhouseliving #jessicaallossery #vintagecamper #vintagetrailer #acousticguitar #bohemian #whitecamper #sheexplores @she_explores

I’ve been lucky enough to have some friends join me on the road here and there. My homesickness is almost gone, although I will forever miss cuddling Peachie no matter how long I am away from home! I hired a videographer to tag along 2 weeks on the journey to help document the experience. I plan to edit this footage when I’m back in October and cut together a beautiful Documentary for all to see — COMING SOON so stay tuned for that prettyplease with a cherry on top. ????

I stopped in Austin on the way through texas, and did some street performing. This was certainly a highlight because I met 4 ladies who were on a sister/mother/daughter weekend and I got to perform Dear Daughter for them. That was super cool!

Although it seems like the journey has been all roses, I’d be misleading you if I didn’t mention some of the mishaps… No travel experience is complete without some real adventures:

  • Broken Hitch
  • Swarmed by Mosquitos
  • super freaaaking fraaaacking HOT Texan Heat ????
  • Flash Flooding ????
  • Crazy dust, wind & desert storms ????
  • Roaches in Pearl ????????????

All that so far in under 8 weeks. Pret-t-ie crazy huh!? Yup.

The silver lining to those horrors is that there was always someone that would seemingly appear out of thin air to help me out. It was like magic! When my hitch broke, I had no idea what the HECK I was going to do, and then this super sweet man came out of nowhere, took my hitch home and replaced a part. He did it all from the kindness of his heart, and asked for nothing in return. There has always been a helping hand on the road which is incredible! People have come to my rescue SEVERAL times on this journey without me even asking, and I stand completely in awe every.time.  The world is good! I don’t care about what anyone says, Americans are some of the nicest people in the world. (and I second that!)


All in all, the first half of the tour has been one BIG ball of success in my books! I can’t wait to see what the rest of the journey has in store. And for those of you reading this who are hosting one of the remaining 28 shows on the tour, I truly can’t wait to meet you finally in person and to perform for  your loved ones.


Thanks for checking in and reading all the way to the end ❤️! VLOG updates are coming in the near future for those who prefer videos!


Light & Love



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  1. Mohit says:

    Are you planning any tour to India. We want you to visit here.

  2. Jai Windish says:

    I follow you on IG and now checkng out your web page. I am very impressed that you are doing this all on your own. I will be checking out some of your music and keeping an eye out for shows in the area. So happy for you. – love the vintage camper too. ????????????????????????

    • Jessica Allossery says:

      That’s awesome! Thanks for coming over to the blog form insta!!! Tour is almost finished now, but hopefully we can set something up in your area next time!!!

  3. Seriously awesome trailer! 🙂 Have a blast!

  4. Real J.O.B says:

    You sound great!!! keep up the great work and positive attitude 🙂

  5. You are very fantastic!!!

    (What do you think about Sacramento – California?)

    Thank you very much-:)

  6. Rick Ivanoff says:

    Right on Jessica! So glad to see you following your musical dreams! Looking forward to more updates. From a fellow Canadian singer/songwriter.

  7. Conrad Hornung says:

    Will you be traveling to northern Ohio at all? Would love to see & hear you here!

    • Jessica Allossery says:

      I don’t have any shows in Ohio at this moment… Unless you’d be interested to host a House Concert!? 🙂

  8. Gerry Young says:

    Fantastic update from the road Jessica.

    Safe and Happy Trails To You!

  9. Heather Bunn says:

    So cool to hear about your adventures in Pearl…. love it!



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