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FORD sponsored me!?!????????

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Oct 1, 2019


I am completely blown away.

And also in a puddle of happy tears.

And also in shock!

I have been emailing with Ford about 3 months now — All the while, thinking there’s no way I can pull this off.

And yet… I’m here… Sitting in my brand new 2020 Ford Escape, that isn’t even on the market yet.

Mind = blown… Seriously. WHAT IS LIFE!

Ford was touched by my mission to share Henry’s story, and my efforts to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House on my tour. They wanted to help and generously loaned a vehicle for use during my tour. Since my first and second vehicles were BOTH Escapes, it made the most sense to provide their newest addition to the Ford Family – a sleek, fourth generation Escape.

The universe works in unfathomable ways. I am having the most epic adventure on this tour so far and am so grateful.

I will be the first to admit that I really didn’t think new sparkly shiny stuff amazed me all that much. But I was proved WAY wrong!! When I got that call saying that Ford is offering me an extra long test drive, with all the bells, whistles and a tow package to boot, I was smitten.


So far, my favourite parts are the adaptive cruise control and apple car play. Adaptive cruise basically keeps you at a certain distance behind cars when using cruise control. Apple car play pairs with your phone and brings your google maps/spotify and text messages to the big screen and reads them for you/gives easy access, so that you can stay hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.

The new technology is wild and makes me feel like a queen. Also, it’s made me feel WAY safer when towing Pearl down the long highways for hours on end.

*Another new favourite part that I just discovered – I HAVE A SUNROOF!  It only took me a week driving around to figure that out! ???? It’s beautiful. Panoramic style beautiful. I feel like I could just sleep in there and watch the stars.



My least favourite part will be giving it back when I’m done with the tour! ????  LOL. (hey, we’re being honest here, aren’t we!?) But – truthfully, I have zero complaints about this vehicle. It’s perfect. It tows like a dream. My life is complete.


Ford if you are reading this:

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me the most comfortable ride on this 2 month road trip. It can get lonely and uncomfortable on the road, when there are miles and miles to go…But you’ve really given me some little comforts in this brilliant new escape, that truly make me feel right at home. I’m looking forward to showing Shelly 3.0 (that’s what I named the escape ????) what Pearl & I are all about on the road!


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