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Being thankful brings good things :)

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Jul 11, 2016

Thankful is something that has really been ringing in my ears lately. Every day I wake up with an abundance of thanks for all the things in my life, big or small. Sometimes I’m thankful for my family’s health & wellbeing, sometimes I’m thankful for a hot shower, sometimes I’m thankful for my little cactus sitting on my bedside table! Yup, I’m thankful for a pointy plant and I’m prouuuud of it!!

But, no matter what the reason, I make sure that my appreciation always comes from the utmost sincerity in my heart & soul. Yes, I CAN be genuinely thankful for a cactus sitting on my table. Why? Because it provides me extra oxygen throughout the day… It provides me visual comfort in a space that I call home…It provides me the extra life that I am seeking in every day things. (Pssst!! Yes it DOES also prickle your finger if you touch it, so proceed with caution Ouch!)


Finding thanks in anything isn’t a hard thing to do, as long as you are fully aware of all the things around you. I’ve spent way too many years taking even the most simplest of things for granted, and that’s not ok any more! NOPE! Not in my books. It’s time for change.


Giving thanks. Showing appreciation. Being genuine. Being REAL… It all comes with the territory, and it’s all things that are important in every day life to increase well being and awareness.

When you start to do these things your life, you’ll start to attract goodness from all angles. For me, once I began waking up with a grateful heart every single morning, lovely things started to happen. I met wonderful new people. New opportunities are knocking at my door. I have been meeting incredible Patrons and people in my online community DAILY who choose to support my work & music. People are noticing my goals and my vision to make a difference in the world and to inspire others to do the same, and are lifting me to heights I’ve never imagined before. And I am So. Thankful.


For those who have approached me in the past and have mentioned this bad thing and that bad thing that’s happening in their lives, YES – honour your feelings. Honour your sadness or your frustration. If this is your reality and what you are truly feeling in the moment, then let it be.  But don’t forget to choose gratification too! The power of your wellbeing is in your hands, and simply putting the ‘thankful process’ into action will change your perceptions immensely. AND, remember that being thankful is 100% FREE!!!  – so NO Excuses!!!


Today I am choosing to be thankful for two things:

One: Thankful for YOU, simply for reading the things I would like to say. Thank you for taking time out and sharing your brain space with my thoughts & words!

Two: For local photographer Avan Patel from London, Ontario. He invited me to do a beautiful photoshoot in a stunning nature location right here in my city. I was honoured when he asked, and I am so proud to share how the photos turned out.

I also decided it would be a good idea to try to get some behind the scenes footage so I could share an inside look on the days festivities! It required a lot of mud-trudging, paint-in-face and sitting in an extra large pond for a while.   Allllll fun times and I hope you have as much fun watching it as I spent laughing at myself!!! LOL!

Please share what YOU are thankful for TODAY in this very moment. Can be something big or small!!! I always love to hear from you, and hope that you’ll join the conversation to help inspire those around us every single day 🙂


And stay lovely my beautiful friends 🙂



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  1. Jeff Webb says:

    Now that I have a lot of time on my hands (unemployed but close to retirement!) its simply great to focus on the positive good things in life. My wife, my kids, my grandson, my dog, my daughter’s dog, music and humour etc etc I probably spend 3 to 5 hours most days listening to music whether it be Zappa, Floyd, Springsteen, Patti Smith, Jessica Allossery or so many others. Good times and a chance to enjoy someone else’s art and creativity. Keep doing what you do Jessica 🙂

  2. David Cabrera says:

    Jess, Such a touching post! Being thankful is one those actions that a lot of us forget to do everyday. Some of us are only thankful when something good happens. We can be thankful everyday, even if the day doesn’t turn out as we thought it should. Thank YOU for reminding me that I can choose to be thankful everyday and not let negativity drown me.

  3. I’m a great believer in our thoughts being precursors to what we later experience.

    Absolutely love this post Jess, as it stresses the importance of choosing to be thankful; which is something that can only lead to good things.

    I like when you said “Honour your sadness or your frustration. If this is your reality and what you are truly feeling in the moment, then let it be.  But don’t forget to choose gratification too!”
    This is so important as feelings are like water in a stream. If they are ignored, or blocked, or focussed upon too intensely, they will overflow.

    But, if they are acknowledged and allowed to flow freely though and out of us, then we can achieve peace. Taking our focus away from a negative, and focussing instead on positive things like gratitude – is a fast-track to happiness.

    Superb post!

    • admin says:

      Ethan thank you for reading and contributing to my post with a genuine reply! I really do believe that being thankful for everyday things is so overlooked – in my own life included. Happy to able to bring some light to the topic 🙂



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