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Skinny Dipping: and why I love it so much.

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Jun 23, 2018


If you didn’t know already, Nate Maingard has a thought-provoking podcast entitled “Naked With Nate” where he shares personal heart felt stories and deep meaningful opinions about taboo subjects and real life goodness. I have so much respect and appreciation for all the love and hard work puts into his creations. He has always inspired my own personal journey as an artist.

I first met Nate online via Patreon, where we decided to plan a few youtube duets (see my favourite here!) whenever we found ourselves both in the same country.  Randomly, we happened to be in the UK in 2015 at the same time, where we finally got to meet in person and record two duets together. Since then, although far in distance, we’ve built a meaningful friendship as well as giving advice and insights as mentors to one another.


I am Nate’s biggest podcast fan. I have been listening on the road, and there is something very comforting with having a friend that you can listen to, on those long lonely hours driving.

When he asked me if I’d be interested to take part as a guest on his podcast, I was SOO honoured and so excited.
In this particular episode, we chat about our anxieties, our musical careers as independent artists, skinny dipping and everything in between! It’s very worth a listen if you’ve got time during your morning coffee, or commute to work.


Listen now by clicking the giant yellow play button above, or head on over to Nate’s blog post here.



I hope you enjoy the podcast! Please leave comments on your thoughts about the podcast below, and leave a rating on his podcast channel in itunes so he can be discovered by more lovely humans for all the great work he does.


Find more info about Nate Maingard on his website: https://natemaingard.com/

All photos in this post are edited by myself and shot by Josh Williams: http://www.joshwilliamsphoto.com/





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