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Mar 31, 2020



Last week I uploaded an original song called “When The Sun Shines” on all streaming platforms.
I wasn’t planning on having any releases any time soon, but the world needs this. I hope it’ll bring you a little bit of sunshine during these grey days.
Find on SpotifyiTunes, Apple Music, or your favourite online store!

Social media got you down?

Don’t worry. All of us are struggling, all of us are are scared. Everyone is wanting to contribute in any way we can.
There are things we can do to keep our mental and physical health in check during these strange weeks and months ahead.
I encourage ALL of you to look after yourselves and do what it takes to live a sense of normalcy during the isolation period.

Here are some things I’ve been implementing:


Deep breathing for 10 mins as soon as I wake up *before* social media. I use the free app Insight Timer where I can implement my own meditation length and set interval bells every minute to keep me on track so my mind doesn’t wander as much.
Morning and afternoon walks with a neighbour or friend when I can. A morning walk *before* social media is even better if possible. Social distancing is important, yes. As long as me and my walking buddy do not feel any symptoms whatsoever, getting outdoors and walking alongside each other is a healthy way to maintain your sanity while having a little bit of personal connection that we all need right now.
Daily stretching / yoga – Being cooped up inside is a MEGA bummer! Stretching brings much needed movement and blood flow to vital organs and keeps me energized.
A Hot bath is the epitome of self care. Amiright? I take a hot bath every single day! Call me extreme, but I literally do it for ‘me time’… It’s one of the few chances I get to leave my phone in another room and do a crossword! A real paper crossword… Like in a book with a pen and stuff. Those still exist ????It’s a great way to reset mind body and soul, all at one time!
Burning incense, lighting candles or using essential oil diffusers clean my air and bring me a sense of peace to this chaos. It always makes me feel better. Every time.



I am still writing custom Gift of Songs! I have more inspiration than ever, and am happily taking on clients.
If you are in need of a special gift for a loved one, consider a custom song!


I love you, I am thinking of you and sending a big air hug.
We will get through this. Please send good vibes to my sister who is a nurse on the front lines.
Everyone is nervous about the situation so higher vibrations, thoughts and prayers are needed on deck!
Please look after yourselves and check in with anyone you know who lives alone, or struggles with mental health.
It’s going to be hard for all of us, so we need to come together to get through this darkness, into the sunshine.

And the sunshine will come, when the time is right.


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  1. John Melan says:

    The whole world is in trouble. We need to come together to beat this coronavirus.



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