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A Halloween Delight

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Oct 27, 2016

There’s something about the eerie darkness that has always fascinated me.

Am I a heartfelt, happy, inspired person? Yes. Do I have a dark side… Yes.

In film school I always thoroughly enjoyed making horror films. Writing, directing, editing… Everything about producing eerie movies, and bringing up unsettled nerves makes me feel very accomplished. Probably because it’s a creative way for me to let out my inner demons… Even if it’s ‘just for play’.

This always shocked people though because

#1: I’m TERRIFIED of scary movies

#2: Everyone sees me as this sweet, happy, friendly, inspirational, non-threatening person….

DIY Musician - Halloween Video Shoot


  #justkidding  ????

For the most part, I AM a very carefree, happy sometimes sweet human

—-> I’m all about the smiles & happy-warm-fuzzy vibes.<—

But, sometimes you just gotta find balance, and I do that by letting out the darker creative energy that builds up throughout the year. I don’t make eerie films to scare people, I just find so much beauty in turmoil. Maybe it’s the incredible amount of emotions that I feel when I watch a horror flick, or that utter FRIGHT in my soul when somebody scares me… 

A haunting acoustic cover of Disturbed - Down with the Sickness

Orrrrr maybe it’s more simple than that.

Maybe it’s in the eerie truth that we all feel a little bit of darkness at some point in our lives. Allowing yourself the honesty & freedom to let that out once in a while is a good thing.  Isn’t it nice when we can be  100% completely REAL with the world, if we just allow ourselves to be vulnerable?

Nothing makes me happier than creating a tangible form of beautiful art, even through the darkness of my shadows. 

There’s no running away from all the feels… It’s just pure, real and OUT THERE for all to see. There’s no form of hiding – just realness and THAT is beautiful.

Haunting music video and an excellent Halloween Makeup idea!

After all, not everything is going to be cupcakes and rainbows every single day of our beautiful lives. Sometimes you’re gonna feel a little darkness, and it’s ok to just FEEL it and let it be. OR, if you’re fortunate enough like myself, you can let it out in a creative atmosphere and make real ART from it. Soooo, to segwey into a new video, I am proud to say I’ve done it again!!! Just like last year’s eerie music video (Aerials by System of a Down), THIS YEAR, I joined up with Mysteryman Photography for another spooky halloween video. YAY!!! To top it off, I had a friend and aaahhmazingly talented Makeup Artist Devorah Beauty join in as well, to make my vision come to life with some extra scary makeup. (PS. We got the idea from Anna Lingis –> find her on instagram, she’s awesome!)

Check out the video below!

GOOD NEWS!! I was SO blessed this day to have my mama bear help us and film alllll the juicy Behind the Scenes Video (thanks mam!). I couldn’t have made this video possible without my amazing team of people. Thanks SO MUCH to everyone who participated so I could bring my dark vision to life, and create something beautiful.

I’m so thankful to have people around the world supporting my creations on a monthly basis. Producing a video like this one takes days, if not weeks, to prepare and produce, for an outcome so short in length. But I love Luuuhve the fact that when I do videos like these ones, I really get to let my imagination roam free.

The sky is the limit when you get to make something so special.

For any  DIY Musicians or Creators out there, I produce and edit the majority of my videos, and I have allllll of my gear choices <– on this page right here <—  for your own equipment inspiration.

That is all. Stay INCREDIBLE, and until next time 🙂

Light & Love



Psssst……will you leave a comment below? I can’t WAIT to hear your thoughts about the video!!

PS. If you love this video or if you have a mutual love for burritos like I do… please consider supporting my art. Patreon is a great way to do this as it withdraws a small monthly donation from your account, every time I release a new video. Normally that is about 2x a month. You get to set your donation limit, and can cancel at any given time without a hassle. There’s an opportunity to interact with me more personally on the platform, and get exclusive rewards for Patrons only — ranging from your name on my videos to personal skype calls. The BEST PART is that you get to directly support fan-funded artists! This allows me to continue writing songs, make videos, and release content with ❤️ for the world to consume.

Being a creator is the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done, but it takes a LOT of time, effort and resources to make happen. Your support is appreciated more than you know. Please consider becoming monthly supporter by signing up to patreon HERE, and I will love you forever and ever 🙂

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