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I GOT ON THE RADIO!!!! ????? Time to celebrate!!

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Oct 10, 2016

Ok first of all, I’m not sure if you are aware of this, but…I’M ON THE RADIO!!!!!

I’m so happy I don’t even know where to begin.

—> Pull yourself together Jessica! <—

Omg omg omg!
???? The instant that I found out I was on the radio, I’m pretty sure my heart exploded into a million little twinkly pieces that have given me permanent sunshine from within, for DAYS!  It felt like fireworks and they are still kickin’!!

I am so honoured and grateful and amazed and PROUD and blessed. I truly could not believe that I finally got on the radio. It’s a dream come true. 

How to get your music on the Radio! www.thelovelyindie.com

I found out 6 weeks ago, July 28th 2016. I was sitting at my computer, doing my daily ‘Hello’s’ and replies to all my lovely fan mail & comments on facebook, and then I saw it. My cousin tagged me in a photo she took of her car dashboard with MY name on the Sirius XM Coffee House channel playing my song ‘I’ll Let You Go”. I was a little bit in shock at first. Could this actually be happening!?!? Is this real!? If so, CAN I YELL MY EXCITEMENT TO THE ROOFTOPS!??! LOL

I’ll always remember this day as being one of the proudest and accomplished days in my life – especially as an independent DIY Musician. That was a huge hurdle, and I finally crossed it!!

"Sometimes things happen when they're needed the most" - www.thelovelyindie.com

So let’s talk about the song for a minute. “I’ll Let You Go” is a song that was commissioned by a fan who wanted to give something special to his daughter on her wedding day. It is part of my Gift of Song program, where you can give the gift of a custom personalized song to a loved one.  Anyway, this particular fan was really nervous for the day, and wanted me to be a part of the experience through the comfort of a song. He said he would make it a surprise for them to dance to, during the Father-Daughter dance.  With this in mind, I began writing.

Although I’m not a parent, I tried my best to encompass the feelings one might have, when letting go of something so dear. Happiness, supportive, feeling proud, fearful, emptiness, and most importantly: unconditional love. I wanted to keep the song simple & straight forward. No frilly words. No confusion or guessing needed. Just raw lyrics that tell it exactly how it is.

The words flowed right through me. It didn’t take very long to write — Probably about 3 hours. I wanted the song to be perfect for a slow dance, but still uplifting and joyful as it would be played on such a special occasion. I recorded my song and added some harmonies -a la Jessica Style! After sending it to my fan (who later told me that nearly all the attendees at the wedding were in tears) I felt reallllly good about it!

I felt LOVELY in my heart at that moment: ????Hearts-in-my-eyeballs????  kinda lovely. It stuck in my head for days and that was also a good sign.

A few weeks later, I was due to record 4 songs in studio for the CBC Music series. I chose to record 2 covers and 2 originals, one being I’ll Let You Go, and another called Open Sea.

I’ll Let You Go by Jessica Allossery
“The day has come
to let you go
Only happiness
I will show
I’ll always be here for you, you know
Nothing takes away my love and it shows
You’ve grown up now
things have changed
Grew some wings now
you’re flying away
I’ll always be here for you, you know
Nothing takes away my love and it shows
Yeah nothing takes away my love when I let you go
Cause you’re my baby
Always will be
I hope you know
My love stays when you go
Some years down
the long long road
If you need help
with your load
I’ll always be here for you, you know
Nothing takes away my love and it shows
Yeah nothing takes away my love when I let you go
Cause you’re my baby
Always will be
I hope you know
My love stays when you go
I’ll let you go
I’ll let you go
You’re my baby
Always will be
I hope you know
My love stays when you go”

The recordings were very bare and minimal – acoustic. Just like the demo I recorded at home, and thought to myself…maybe I should try to submit again for the Coffee House channel on Sirius XM. I emailed them again, and gently followed up. My contact told me he liked I’ll Let You Go and that it’s under review. Surely 2 weeks later, I got that photo from my cousin, and the rest is history!

How to get your music on the radio -www.thelovelyindie.com

I’m not gunna lie… It’s been a grind. I’ve been trying to get on Sirius XM Coffee House for at least 5 years now. I got shot down from radio stations & programmers across North America countless times. Mostly from people just not even responding to my emails. But I never gave up, I stayed persistent, because I BELIEVED in myself and in my music and I knew that one day I would cross this hurdle. 

A lot of my fans know this! Which has been the most beautiful part of this whole experience. I’ve received an incredible amount of support and love and happiness from everyone surrounding me, and it’s been EVERYTHING I’ve needed. My fans know how hard I work, and to finally get recognition to THIS scale has truly validated my work as an artist, and has let me know that I am indeed on the right path.

Sooooo, let’s get down to some juicy stats, shall we!? My downloads and streams have increased over 1000%! Not to mention all of the INCREDIBLE new fans that are sharing stories with me every day.

“Hiya Jess…
Im a 48 year old father of 3 daughters in B.C. My 25 yr old daughter Raven, passed away during heart surgery in May this year. I’ve been camping for the last month and a half and heard your song on SiriusXM Radio one night while staring into the fire. I know you wrote it specifically for a father letting go of his daughter for marriage, but i just want to thank you because it is such a beautiful song and the tears just poured out of me when I heard it. It feels like a song of acceptance and loss. I just wanted to thank you so much for the healing your voice gave me that night.”

“Dear Jessica,
On Tuesday night, my mother, who had cancer the last 7 years, died. I was rushing to be by her side when I knew her spirit had passed. I was still 10 minutes away. The next song that played was “I’ll Let You Go”, and I knew she was sending that song to me. It felt like she was singing it to me… I had never heard it before. You have no idea how much those words and that song comforted me in my extreme loss and sadness. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

I’m speechless mostly. It brings me the happiest tears, knowing how my music is providing comfort in times of need. The timing is not a coincidence. I now understand that this long drawn out process of waiting to get on the radio was meant to happen, so that I could touch people so profoundly, that are needing it right now at this very moment… Life is a beautiful, incredible thing and I am forever grateful.

Thank you to all of those who have been following my journey thus far. It’s been such a ride with ups, downs and giant loop-de-loops!! After this achievement, I really can’t wait to see what the future has in store. And I must say, I’ve been feeling all your love & support daily, in the depths of my soul. I mean that. Thank you, thank you.

I’d like to mention for all you DIY Musicians out there: I’ve put together a list of tips on how to ACTUALLY get your music on the radio —> The link is on SoundFly right HERE, where I write occasional guest posts about all things DIY Musician! FUN TIMES.

Annnnnyway…. now that I’ve crossed this hurdle, onto the next one!! Which is: Getting radio airplay across North America on mainstream radio.
Keep on keepin’ on ✨

Light & Love,


PS.  If my song has given you any kind of light, love or soul healing, please consider downloading it on bandcamp and making a contribution! Any amount helps tremendously. (What I luurrrve about Bandcamp is that you can name your price –> Which means, if you wanna support an artist a little more for a particular song that has really touched your soul, this platform provides an opportunity to choose the amount you’d like to donate.) No matter if it’s 1$ or 50$, your contribution & financial support mean the word to me and make a HUGE difference for me as a DIY artist. So thank you, thank you!

PPS. Want exclusive updates & rewards? You can also join the Patreon community by signing up and pledging monthly as a Patron of the Arts! This is sooo great because it gives me somewhat of a ‘regular’ income, which is really hard to come by with the ups & downs working as a full-time artist. This is incredibly helpful & beneficial to keep my art coming, AND to get some fun perks along the way!

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  1. Jim Craven says:

    I love the story behind this song. As a father, I can tell you that one of the hardest (and proudest) moments in life is the time when you walk arm in arm with the strong, independent young woman you have helped raise and kiss her on the cheek before she reaches out her true love at the altar. When my daughter was about 5 years old, I was singing lullabies to her and her little brother when she leaned over and whispered to him, “If you just pretend you’re asleep, he’ll stop.” I still laugh thinking about it. Fast-forward 20 years and that same little girl asked me if I would write the song that she and I would dance to at her wedding. I was surprised because I had only recently picked up the guitar (I wanted to write her mother a love song). Anyway, I wrote a song called “My Little Girl” and we danced to it at her wedding. It was so much fun!
    Here is a video of it: https://youtu.be/pHhMzFHYR4k
    When I heard your song on Sirius XM it brought a smile (and a tear) as I thought about letting my little girl go. Thank you.

  2. Lyricab says:

    I LOVE IT!

  3. Sapna says:

    First of all, congrats, and second, I love the lyrics.

  4. Deb Schultz says:

    Jessica, I heard your song on The Coffee House on Sirius. My mom had advanced Alzheimer’s & I started playing it for her – it became “our song”, I cried every time I played it for her & sang along! I was trying to encourage her to let go. I didn’t want to loose her; she was my best friend too! But knew she had no quality of life. The weekend that she was actively dying I stayed by her side 24/7 & played this song several times all 4 days. It helped me tell her how much I loved her & that it was OK to go… I also had it played during her video of pictures that played at her funeral service, she died on 9/11/2017. So, besides being “our song” it was appropriate for that day & date & all the others who lost their lives. It brought me comfort & allowed me to say to her what was so hard to do ~ I’ll let you go, but your love will stay when to go & I’ll always love you ❤ Thank you for this gift of love that we could share in her final days ????

    • Jessica Allossery says:

      What a beautiful and sorrow filled story. I’m sorry for your loss. I can’t imagine the pain of losing a parent…I am however honoured that you decided to play my song at her funeral and thankful that it could provide you with healing in some way during the grieving process. Take care of yourself Deb! <3

  5. Caitlin Noah says:

    Oh my goodness! Your song came on the radio this morning as I pulled into the parking lot at work on my first day after maternity leave. It is beautiful and really touched me at this time as I get used to being away from my daughter more. I have been thinking that I hope she knows I love her just as much and will always be here for her.

    • Jessica Allossery says:

      What a perfect time for you to be introduced to my song!! I’m so glad it can provide you with some comfort during the transition period. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your story!

  6. Chrisann says:

    Dear Jessica,
    Today my son graduated from high school! On my way to pick up my 92 old mom your song came on the radio! I had to pull over.. hit replay and recorded it on my phone -and left him an I love you message at the end! I am literally letting him “fly” as he is going to WMU to study aviation and will be in the Army ROTC! Your perfect song was a gift from God! Thank you!

    • Jessica Allossery says:

      I love that so much Chrisann!! The fact that you pulled over and recorded to send to him is so sweet. I’m SO glad I got to be a little part of that!!! 🙂

  7. Kimberly B says:

    My first baby, my 18 year old son, who is my pride and joy and has made me sooooooo proud not only with all of his academic achievements and athletic accomplishments and musical talents (he plays the violin and fiddles around on the guitar????), but also just for being the kinda guy he is, is leaving the nest, the safety of my care, and flying off to college in 3 more months. That in itself is enough to make ME all emotional, sobbing and smiling when I listened to your beautiful song, but add to that the fact that I’ve been married for 20 years and at least half of those years I’ve been abused and neglected…..and my husband has decided he wants a divorce. So….these losses together (added to another great loss that occurred about a month ago) are enough to make the tears flow…..and make the letting go that much harder. My kids are my lifeline. Half of my lifeline is starting his own life separate from me now. Yes, this is the way it’s supposed to be. I’ve chosen to stay at home and raise my own kids for the past 19 years. I’m now seeing the fruits of all my labors. They bring smiles…..but also SO many tears. Thank you for an absolutely beautiful song. For being so young and not a parent yourself, you’ve captured these many conflicting emotions just perfectly. And yes, most important is unconditional love❤️???? Thank you!

    • Jessica Allossery says:

      Thank you for sharing your story Kim. It means so much! I’m sorry to hear about your struggles and losses, but indeed, this is the way life flows. It’s great to be connected with you on here! Take care of yourself mama bear. 🙂

  8. Trish says:

    Such a beautiful song….thought of a friend who is having trouble with the fact that her oldest is leaving for college! Lyrics are so touching…! Look forward to hearing more of you on Coffee House!

    • Jessica Allossery says:

      That is so lovely! Please share my song with your friend if you feel up to it! Take care Trish, thank you for sharing your story 🙂

  9. Colleen Piazza says:

    Hi Jessica! Just wanted to thank you for the gift you have given the world, and me, of this most beautiful, poingant song! My beloved first-born son, Jesse, who is 29, married his most awesome bride, Elsie, yesterday in an absolutely beautiful wedding ceremony in Pennslvania. Then, this was the song I chose for us to dance to!!!! I just happened to hear it on SiriusXM Coffee house a few months ago and I pulled the car over immediately to take a pic of the dash and write down the name of the song and the artist, (YOU!) so I wouldn’t forget it. I knew in a heartbeat it was the perfect song for us for that special and long-awaited moment. As we swayed to it on the dance floor last night every “mother of a son” (including me!) who was in attendance was in tears!! I even had one of the dad’s came up to me and say, “THAT was the perfect song for you two”…shaking his head saying…,”No really…..that was just beautiful…” I guess because it it’s not a mainstream song yet so many guests had never heard of it until that moment……..Soooooooooo, A BIG THANK YOU!! for giving me the gift of a few precious milliseconds of looking up into my son’s eyes, in front of all of our dearest family and friends, and telling him in such a special way, in that one brief moment, all I wanted to say to him as I “let him go’ into the arms of his wonderful new wife!! Wishing you much success, Jessica, and so many blessings in your future! I look forward to hearing more music from your heart and soul in the future! Blessings!!!!!

    • Jessica Allossery says:

      Colleen, I am sooo so happy to be a part of your sons special day in a small way. Thank YOU for giving me that gift! I hope I will be able to meet you and your family soon (maybe on my house concert tour this summer?! I am always searching for hosts, and will be in Pennsylvania around first week of October!) Contact me if you ever have any interest. Thank you again for sharing your story with me and send blessings to your son with his new wife!!!

  10. Patty says:

    Heard this song on The Coffee House today and immediately connected with it as the mother of 3 growing kids. I came home and had to find out more. So touching the story of how you wrote this for a fan. You really connected with a parent’s mixed feelings as their children grow and become independent. Love it! Thanks!

    • Jessica Allossery says:

      Thank you for taking the time to write me and share your experience with the song Patty!
      Sending light & love!!!

  11. Michelle says:

    I love this song! I am glad to know the background of it, but it could apply to any parent child relationship and watching them grow. I cry every time I hear this beautiful, touching song. Thank you.

  12. Cheryl A says:

    I heard your song on Coffee House and absolutely loved. My big 6’1″ son is getting married in October and this will be my song/dance with him. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful song and your gift.

    • Jessica Allossery says:

      I’m so glad you love it and are using it at the wedding!!! I hope it brings an abundance of love and light to you on his special day!

  13. Barb says:

    Jessica, I found your song quite by accident, but WOW it was written to heal my broken mommy heart. Thank you so much for the beautiful expression of unconditional love for a child. I hope my son will never forget your words when I send him this.

    • Jessica Allossery says:

      It’s my greatest pleasure to provide healing through my music! Thank you so much for your encouraging words Barb.

  14. Rich Marzano says:

    It was Friday, January 6th, that I first heard “I’ll Let You Go” on The Coffee House. It was also the first time in my life that I wrote down the name of the song and artist because I was so deeply touched by a song. I have two teen daughters, and I’m generally pretty soft and emotional when it comes to them, especially with the older one developing the fine art of unsubtle dad avoidance. But sitting in the car with my youngest, listening to the lyrics and your delivery, I couldn’t help but cry – which in turn made her cry. I knew nothing of the song’s history, but I immediately thought there must be a proud and teary dad involved. I’ve been texting every dad I know who has a daughter and have told them they had to listen, after warning them a healthy cry awaits. Their response after listening is usually a simple “wow, I lost it”.

    Thank you for what you do and I’m so glad Coffee House introduced me to your music, and led me to your blog.

    • Jessica Allossery says:

      Rich what a beautiful and thoughtful message! Thank you SO much for sharing with us. I am always incredibly honoured and grateful to hear stories like yours, because it reminds me that I am on the right path, doing the right thing. Thank you so much. I think I will share this on my facebook page as I have others who will likely relate!!! All my love xoxox

  15. Juli says:

    I know this song was for a wedding situation..but it has touched my heart for a totally different reason. My daughter has decided she doesn’t want a relationship with me anymore. Long story, won’t bore you, but basically she doesn’t know me, and doesn’t want to. So, this song, in my mind, is for her. I will always love her, unconditionally, but I will let her go. With hopes that someday, she will come back.

    • Jessica Allossery says:

      Juli I’m so sorry to hear about your family situation and the relationship with your daughter, but I am happy that my song has helped to bring peace to you during this difficult time. Light & love!!!

  16. Brittany says:

    I just heard this song on the coffeehouse while I was driving to work and immediately starting to cry big roll down my face tears. Although your intention is a more cheerful , sentimental wedding song — it resonates with me differently. My mother was diagnosed with early onset dementia and is now in the later stage, she lives in a memory care facility and I try to see her once a week. She doesn’t know who I am, really. I know one day I am going to finally lose her but your lyrics remind me that she would be so proud of the woman I’ve grown up to be and one day I will “let her go..” but love her forever and find her in places later in my life when I least expect it. Thank you so much for creating this and sharing!!!!!!

    • Jessica Allossery says:

      What a beautiful story. I’m so sorry to hear about the circumstances, but I am thankful that my song has provided you with some healing during this tragic time! I wish you light & love Brittany

  17. Jessica says:

    Heard your song for the first time this morning on Sirius. I wanted to make sure I remembered it, so I googled the lyrics as it was playing and found your post. 1) congratulations! 2) after I read the part where you said this was commissioned as a father daughter dance, I have not been able to stop crying. It’s so beautiful. I’m a little embarrassed about it actually. Beautiful job.

    • Jessica Allossery says:

      Don’t be embarrassed! Crying is not a weakness, crying is a beautiful time to release your emotions rather than keeping them bottled up. It’s imperative to stay accepting and nurturing of yourself 🙂 Light & love to you!

  18. Amy says:

    I heard “I’ll Let You Go” on Sirius XM this morning. I rarely listen to The Coffee House, but the song playing before yours was one I hadn’t heard in awhile so I stayed on the channel. They introduced your song, and I wanted to hear it. Let me tell you, I was in tears (thankfully my mascara maintained its position)! It’s such a beautiful song, and it gave me all the feels. I’ve added it to my list of potential mother/son dances for the future (my son is 3.5 years old, haha). 😉

    • Jessica Allossery says:

      Allll the feels…. YES! Lol So happy to hear that you’re considering it a possibility for mother/son dance even though he’s so young! ???? LOVE IT!

    • Jessica Allossery says:

      Woo wee! THank goodness for waterproof mascara! Aahahaha Thank you for sticking around and listening to my song! So glad it gave you all the good vibes 🙂

  19. Caitlin says:

    Thank you for this piece of art. It reached me in a way that showed me that I’ve needed to let go of a relationship in my life for a long time.
    Thank you again.

    • Jessica Allossery says:

      Sometimes in life we need to find a way to just let go – even if we don’t want to. I’m SO glad that my song helped in some way for you to do so. Blessings to you!!! xoxox

  20. IzHeMaD / Manny says:

    I can’t thank you enough for writing this amazing song. I am amazed how you tapped into exactly what I felt & put it into song. It’s great to read the comments on how universal this song has become. It’s an honor for us to be a part of this & you will always have a place in our hearts! Thanks again! >=D

  21. Sue says:

    I heard this song on Coffeehouse and immediately thought of my daughter who got married almost 6 months ago. Then I learned how you came to write it and I sent it to her. She lives almost 3000 miles away so the lyrics really resonated with me. Love this song and you can now consider me a fan.

    • Jessica Allossery says:

      Hi Sue, That’s so wonderful to hear! I’m glad my song has provided a bit of comfort for you, despite the distance in between. Please keep in touch! 🙂

  22. Cherish Mangold says:

    My mom and I are obsessed with this song! Especially since we heard it one Coffeehouse! For my vocal lessons I’m choosing this song first:) It’s so beautifully played.

    • Jessica Allossery says:

      That’s sooo awesome to hear! I’m glad you LOVE it and it makes me happy you’re choosing it for your vocal lessons, YAY!

  23. Cynth! says:


  24. jose levi godoy says:

    The story behind the songs is great in the end because becomes lessons that life gives …and the best you take from the learning.



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