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World, meet Pearl… The most beautiful vintage camper you’ve ever seen!!

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Aug 27, 2016

*Don’t forget to check out Part 2!

HelloOOoOOoOo World!!!!!!! Today is a very special day. Please allow me to introduce the new love of my life: Pearl the Camper  ???? I’ve been searching for a unique & beautiful vintage trailer like this one for over 2 years now, and finally in June I found my perfect match! She is a 15 foot 1969 Vintage Bailey Mikado, that I am going to renovate & restore back to good health and then take across the world.

I am so in love.

Let me try that again…

I AM SO IN LOVE ????????????!!!

Do you believe me yet!? I wanna yell that on the rooftops!!! teehee.

Come visit the blog to join my journey with #pearlthecamper !! https://thelovelyindie.com

I found her after searching kijiji almost daily. I emailed the owner who promptly responded back and he said, sorry the trailer isn’t for sale anymore. My heart dropped.

This was exactly my face at that very moment moment —> ????????

except worse.

He said that his girlfriend wanted to keep it. But how! How could this be! No world, noooo!! I’m sure that was a mistake, because I can FEEL it in my pounding little heart that the universe was leading me to my Pearl all along.

I couldn’t give up.

And though she be but little, she is fierce. – Shakespeare

So let me be FIERCE!

Come visit the blog to join my journey with #pearlthecamper !! https://thelovelyindie.com

I poked and prodded some more, asking questions and CERTAINLY not hiding my utter disappointment. 

I knew she was the one the moment I saw her. Beautiful white, with LOTS of windows (rare to find a trailer like that here in Canada), and the best part; she was already gutted!!! Which is quality that I was looking for, so that I could completely renovate the interior to my own taste.

Come visit the blog to join my journey with #pearlthecamper !! https://thelovelyindie.com

Come visit the blog to join my journey with #pearlthecamper !! https://thelovelyindie.com

Come visit the blog to join my journey with #pearlthecamper !! https://thelovelyindie.com

As you can imagine, I was desperate to call her mine.  A few more messages back and fourth, and the owner said he would be willing to part with her, on ONE condition: As long he knew it was going to a good home. I told him I would be there the very next day.

She was located up north of Barrie, only 3.5 hour drive from London where I live. Super close!!I got my ford escape all ready to go with the hitch and all the necessary parts, and off we went. My friend Ben volunteered to come along for the journey.

It was truly an amazing day. The sun was out, the weather was perfect and the drive along rolling country hills was everything I needed. I had absolutely no doubt in my mind that I was on the right path.

I met the owner and his dog & girlfriend.  Very kind Canadian folk. Of course, his girlfriend still didn’t want to part with her, but to my luck, they both had zero time to renovate and Pearl just ended up sitting in their yard for 3 months…So they made the final decision to let me be the hero and SAVE the day!!

I felt on top of the world.

We hooked her up and did a final light test before taking her on the road… Except one weeee little problem…

My tail lights didn’t work. :/

How could this be? I had just installed the brand new hitch onto my trailer just a month earlier… I figured there was something wrong with my connection, so I ended up having to leave a deposit and promise that I’d come back as early as possible with my dad’s truck to bring her to safety… <—- LOL bring her to safety. HA! ok I know she’s only a trailer to some, but she’s MY trailer to me, and at this point she really feels like my baby!!!

Come visit the blog to join my journey with #pearlthecamper !! https://thelovelyindie.com

Within a few days, my dad made the second trip up with me and the drive wasn’t as nice. It was hella windy, and rainy and wet…BUT.. we had his big sturdy farm truck, so we would have no problem bringing it home in the stormy weather.

We hooked it up FOR REAL this time, and away we went….

We made it less than an hour when Dad finally pulled over in panic that the sides would come peeling off. You see, when the trailer was gutted, some of the frame rot along the corners was completely ripped off as well.. So, there wasn’t much holding her together!!

If you can see how stressed my dad was in the first hour, I’m sure you can only imagine how the rest of the 3 hours went. He was VERY focussed, and white knuckling it the whole way!! Go Dad!

Come visit the blog to join my journey with #pearlthecamper !! https://thelovelyindie.com

I didn’t mind one bit. I had hearts in my eyeballs and sunshine coming out of all sides of my face. I had no doubt we would get her home to safety. 

Come visit the blog to join my journey with #pearlthecamper !! https://thelovelyindie.com

Come visit the blog to join my journey with #pearlthecamper !! https://thelovelyindie.com

Come visit the blog to join my journey with #pearlthecamper !! https://thelovelyindie.com

Alas… We made it. WOOHOO!!  Pearl is now safe in my parents yard, under a giant Canadian maple tree, where we have been working on her for 2 months now.   And when I say WE I mean MY DAD. Lol…Love you dad!!!! It’s a good thing you’re handsome AND smart… I would NEVER be able to do this on my own!!!

Our goal *ahem* MY goal is to have the reno done by October, where I will then take many beautiful fall photos, and prepare her for a big journey ahead in spring 2017. My dad said it will be done next year. LOL I’m not gunna let that happen. ????It will be done by October and then I would LOVE to take her on a festivals & house concert tour across Canada and the USA. That is the first dream in #pearlthecamper.  Are you with me!?!

Also, don’t forget to follow my journey on Facebook and Instagram for instant updates of the reno!  Of course I will be updating every little last nook and cranny here on the blog as well.

Have you ever renovated a trailer?? Or have you ever wanted to? Is that’s a big YES, why not consider getting exclusive updates, photos &  ???? horror stories????  <– (hopefully there’s not too many of those, eeeek!!) How about…. Let ME go through the horror for you?! 🙂 And then you can learn my tips & tricks of the renovation process along the journey.

Don’t miss out! Click –>HERE!

Thanks for hangin’ out my fraaand!

Light & Love to all



*PS. Check out Part 2 of the renovation process!

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  1. Dave Wallace says:

    Wow – what a project! You make it all seem so easy. Kudos to your Dad for taking on such an incredible mission. I’ve often worked as a designer, and travelled much, so, hopefully you will answer some technical questions! Air conditioning? Your tour takes you across the desert Southwest. Shower in the morning? Water capacity? Battery system for the laptop at night? Have the wheel bearings been repacked? Would love to hear about the technical details!!! Sorry – it’s a guy thing…

    • Jessica Allossery says:

      Well it’s DEFINITELY not easy, but it IS going to be worth it. 🙂 We are almost done! I can’t wait to share a new update!! Dad has all those things worked out – not sure the details yet, but I will post about them at some point!

  2. Manny / IzHeMaD says:

    This must be your year! A steal on a (one of a kind) trailor, some awesome originals, one getting radio play. The year isn’t over yet! I’m sure you have more excitement, up your sleeve but the best part of it all, is you share it All with us! Thanks, Jessica!

  3. Jody says:

    Hey, you! Not fair. Up until now I thought my Miss B was the most beautiful vintage camper anyone has ever seen. LOL

    I can’t begin to tell you how thrilled I am for you, Jess! I am so looking forward to seeing the finished product. Your dad is awesome for taking on such a project.

    Hopefully we can get you out this way as part of your tour.

    Sharing your excitement,
    Jody – Another proud owner of a ’69 Bailey Mikado.



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