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Welcome to Africa!!!

February 14, 2017
Heading to South Africa? Here are some destination ideas.

Guess what?! I’m in Africa again!!! What else is new. LOL! South Africa has become one my most favourite happy places. I feel safe here, adventurous and looked after by the sunshine. The atmosphere is warm and inviting, the culture is vibrant, the people are wonderful and the landscape is a vision in itself. I have some incredible friends here and I’ve made it my goal to come back regularly for a visit, and spend time getting inspired by the earth and its magnificent beauties.

**Ahem, all the while dodging the Canadian winter.
Please be my friend forever!!!

This year, my family decided to spend three weeks with me, coming to Africa for the first time! I prepped an amazing adventure for my dad, mom, sister and I, where we spent 5000 kilometers on a road trip across the wilderness. Along the journey we explored National Parks, wild animals, beautiful beaches, and countrysides full of treasures hidden in the mountains.

Heading to South Africa? Here are some destination ideas.

Naturally I vlogged about the whole trip. 🙂 Again.. What else is new!? LOL  I believe that filming everything is the BEST thing you could ever do — especially family vacations!! It becomes such a gift that you can treasure forever. Photographs are important too, but videos… They take you back to specific moments in time and capture the TRUE essence of life as it was in that moment.

**On a shameless side note, did you know that I offer video editing for family vacations? If you have footage from an old vacation that you’d like turned into a full length feature, learn more here.

Otherwise, please feel free to sit back, relax, and follow along our journey!


– Highlights –

-not missing our flight in Amsterdam
-Apartheid Museum
-getting locked out of our Airbnb


– Highlights –

-“Welcome to God’s window!” LOL I die every time!
-Our luxurious Tamboti tented camp
-a monkey stealing our squash


– Highlights –

-Nearly touching in elephant from the car window
-Almost getting thrown in jail…
-Not scratching our rental car from the fallen tree *whew! close one!*


– Highlights –

-Chimp Sanctuary
-I walked into the mens bathroom and my dad thought it was hilarious
-Monkeys with blue b*lls…
-Not getting robbed, YAY!


– Highlights –

-The sounds that guinea pigs make… So 😍😍😍
-My mom being silly, not realizing I was taking a video LOL
-Tubing in the river (even though I got burnt to a crisp)


**Coming Soon**


**Coming Soon**


**Coming Soon**

If you are ever considering visiting South Africa, all cities and attractions mentioned above would be a good place to start. From my family to yours, HAPPY travels!! Thanks for joining this beautiful journey with us!

And a HUGE special thanks to my incredible Patrons, for supporting my music and art with monthly donations. YOU are my label, YOU are my team and my greatest supporters. I write music to heal the world, and you have become my number one priority and part of my family. It’s been so lovely learning about each and every one of you, having discussions, sharing ideas, and supporting one another on this platform, and it helps me more than you could ever imagine.
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All my love, light and the sunshine from my heart,



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  • Reply Lynne xo February 14, 2017 at 2:37 pm

    The vlogs are d’bomb diggity Jess! LOVE !!

    • Reply Jessica Allossery February 14, 2017 at 2:44 pm

      Ohh I’m so glad you (and others’) are watching them!!! 😍😍😍 Missing you just like I miss the Canadian Maple Syrup Lynne!!! LOL xoxoxo

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