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Jan 12, 2017

Omg omg omGAH!


Did you hear the news!??! Whoa. BIG news happening over here. I can hardly keep my hair on top of my head.  I am so excited about this SO excited that I felt it deserved a whole page to itself.

Drum roll please….



Jessica Allossery sirius xmm Coffeehouse I'll Let You Go


I won 2 Sirius XM Coffeehouse awards this year! Not one, but TWO!





This is absolute madness if you ask me. So… How did it happen?

Well, in early December Sirius XM Coffeehouse released a poll with 3 categories:

  • Best Cover Song
  • Best New Artist Discovery
  • Best Coffeehouse Song 2016

As it turns out, I somehow got nominated along with my song I’ll Let You Go for those last two titles. I didn’t even KNOW that I got nominated, but my mama bear happened to be on the website one day in December and saw the poll and pointed it out to me!  Of course I was beside myself. And Naturally, being the little filmmaker that I am, I recorded myself just seconds after I found out, to share with my facebook fans!


<—Now, normally I would normally NEVER post a video of myself… in my pyjamas…. at 11PM…. in bed. LOL  But then I though, whattheheck…  it’s for a good cause!!!

After sharing the good news with my online peeps, I was amazed at the support that was rolling in, even locally as well! The newspapers got on board, and the mayors office and EVERYTHING! I felt like a very special lady.

It’s incredible to feel the support not only on a local level, but also globally via the interwebs. I feel blessed every single day to have all of you out there, helping me to achieve my dreams one step at a time. Life is an incredible thing.



So anyway, back to the story. I was nominated and the polls were open for public voting. I got my amazing community on board, and I never had as many shares on that video in my LIFE! It was incredible! We waited anxiously for several weeks as the results were coming in, and .. well… LOOK MA! LOOK WHAT I GOT!

Best New Artist Discovery




And that’s not even the best part of the story! Wanna know who I was up against?
Good cause I’m gonna tell you even if you don’t  ???? LOL. You won’t believe it!  I was up against:

The Lumineers!
Ruth B
Charlie Puth
Lukas Graham!!!

Literally ALL famous people. ALL people who have managers and labels and tons of people working behind them 24/7. And then there’s little ol’ me, and I get to honourably take home 2 titles. Can life get any better!??!?!


I am awe-struck and incredibly thankful for the support, kind words, sharing, encouragement and the overall Family we’ve built with my online community. Thank you for being a part of something so strong and so beautiful. In my gratitude, I am going to leave you with a quote from my very first book that I will be publishing later in the year:

There is no other way to be happy than to do work that is good for the soul. Fulfill your passions every single day, continue to be proud of your every single accomplishment, and NEVER stop dreaming. -Jessica Allossery


I have a great feeling about 2017, and I can’t wait to share the journey with you every step of the way.

In light & love,


PS. If my art has affected you profoundly, inspired you, or helped with your healing, please consider supporting my artistry. I am a fan-funded artist and every bit of financial support can really go along way.  Visit THIS PAGE where you can find links to donate directly to my tip jar, or choose to support my videos every month with $1 on Patreon. Every dollar helps – it really does. ???? Thank you.



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  1. Matt Long says:

    So awesome!!!! Well deserved – and I feel compelled to say that you may be surprised by the awards Jessica in your refreshingly humble way but I guarantee your fans are not surprised at all! Those Lumineers and their fancy label didn’t know what they were up against haha. Congrats!!!

  2. Manny / IzHeMaD says:

    Congratulation Jess, it’s about time your writing gets noticed cause we all know you can sing! >=P Don’t forget to save me a seat at the Grammy’s! >=D



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