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Sep 27, 2015

After 3 months in the making, I am THRILLED to announce that my official music video “Love Parade” is finally here! Prepare to be swept away to the most wonderfully magical place, and get lost in a beautiful love parade along the way.

This was a low budget indie video that I wrote, directed, funded, produced and edited myself. Whoa! That’s a lot of hats, and I loved each and every one! I wanted to keep this video lighthearted and warm, something that would take my fans away with me on a sweet journey, lazing in treehouses and dancing through golden barley fields. The concept came to me during the audio production process at the recording studio. In between the trumpet playing, harmonies and the beautiful banjo, I could easily visualize myself frolicking (yes, frolic!) in a golden field, with some fun party favours and my closest friends to keep it extra special. I also came up with an idea shortly after that I needed to film this video in a treehouse. A treehouse!? Where was I going to find a treehouse for big people… Does that exist!?

Why Yes.
It does.


After doing some googling I came across a wonderful blog that inspires people to Design the Life You Want To Live. Lynne Knowlton and her family are the proud owners of a rentable treehouse. Full size!!! Not child size, not lego size…. A real. Adult. Sized. Treehouse.    Weeeee!!!!

Not only that, but it was built inside the most beautiful collection of tall pine trees, with the perfect décor and the most humble hosts you will ever know. (AND The best part is that it was right down the road! Only 2 hours away.) I contacted Lynne and we became instant friends. Insta-friends! Even on instagram too! 😉 I shared my vision, and she did nothing but welcome me and my crazy ideas right on through to the treehouse. I am so grateful for everything that the Knowltons have done to make my vision come to life. Their kindness has made this experience unique and special. Something that I will never ever forget!   Check out her blog if you need some creative inspiration. I was insta-smitten the moment I creeped her photos, stories and blog, and you will be too!


Ok, back to the video shoot. After the location was locked down, I contacted my awesome friends from Perfect Shutter to help film the project, and they immediately jumped on board. Without their knowledge, passion and hard work, this video would be very below average and not whimsical in the least!  These guys knew what they were doing and everything ran smoothly during the long 3 days of shooting. Please give a round of applause to John and Nikko for making this video so purrrdy with stunning shots and a great eye for detail.

*Insert clapping here.*


So… Concept: check. Props: check. Location: yes. Extras……   Extras…. ?  That was my last thing that I needed to complete my gorgeous music video. That was also probably the hardest part. Thank GOODNESS I have amazing friends who volunteered their time and energy to make this video a success. Everyone (almost everyone) came through, and showed up to play their significant roles and fill this video with beautiful people. I did have a few no shows – something to be expected with low budget un-paid music video shoots, but the Knowltons saved the day again! Three of them came to my rescue to fill in the missing pieces of the puzzle and complete the look of the video. I am eternally grateful for everybody who spent the day with me, and made this video a cherished memory of wonderful people, and a dream come true.


Finally, my mom. She was my rock during this video. Not only did she chauffeur me alllll the way to the treehouse in her sweet ride, she also fed all of us (2 man crew + 10 person cast + me), took a bajillion behind the scenes photos, and helped me with makeup and wardrobe. If mom wasn’t there to support me during production, I definitely would have heeled over like a scared goat and stayed under the treehouse covers until it was all over. So, thank you Mam. I know you’re reading this 🙂

So there you have it. This is the story of my official “Love Parade” music video. I hope you will enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it, and spread the love with your own love parade of family and friends closest to your heart. Let’s go down in history as the golden barley frolickers!!!  You’re all invited. 🙂


Thanks for reading!

Stay kind & stay lovely 🙂



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  1. IzHeMaD / Manny says:

    Man, I would have given my left arm…. Well, I would have almost given anything to be in your video as an extra. Those peeps lost out cause it’s an amazing video. I see and hear big things coming, in your future & I can’t wait to experience them! ????



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