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Who here loves water?I hope EVERYONE in this room said “I” because our bodies are almost entirely made up of that stuff. It’s MEGA important!Just as much as our deep breathing, heart pumping organs, water is a necessity for everything we do.

WATER: behind the lyrics

Nov 12, 2017

Get the lyrics of Growing Old With You by Jessica Allossery

Growing Old With You + Tour Updates!

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HI I MISSED YOU!!!!!!! There’s so many things that I want to tell you about the tour. Sooo many things, but so little time! ???? Let’s pretend time doesn’t matter then, shall we? Deal. Grab a tea, let’s get to it! ***

Sep 29, 2017

Give the Gift of Song to a loved one!

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Ok first of all, I’m not sure if you are aware of this, but…I’M ON THE RADIO!!!!! I’m so happy I don’t even know where to begin. —> Pull yourself together Jessica! <— Omg omg omg! ???? The instant that I found out I was on the radio, I’m pretty sure my heart exploded into […]

I GOT ON THE RADIO!!!! ????? Time to celebrate!!

Oct 10, 2016


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