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Oct 28, 2018

2018 has come and gone so fast it feels like I barely even rolled outta bed!!

But so much has happened this year with my music, including an EPIC 5 month house concert tour and writing 8 (and counting) incredible custom songs for my lovely Gift-of-Song clients. Your support means everything to me, and I believe it’s making the world better. Your support is allowing people to share and listen and feel and be immersed in beauty that is art & music.

If you purchased a custom song for your loved one, thank you for pushing me out of my boundaries and into a new world of creativity this year. If you attended one of my shows on the tour, I love you for being physically present to witness my songs, stories and life’s purpose on this earth. Last but not least, if you hosted one of my shows on tour, meeting you and being a part of your family was the greatest highlight and gift for me.

It feels like every year I get a little bit better and more comfortable on stage. The build up of emotions and gratitude for having the experiences that I’ve had, with Pearl the Camper along for the ride, has been overwhelming. There is so much more on the horizon and I am loving every second of the ride!

Below are a few of my favourite RECAP PHOTOS from the tour:

The time I cried in Atlanta, GA for getting a standing ovation

Atlanta, GA – the standing ovation

Winterpark, FL – hangin’ with my new friend but keeping my distance so I don’t get my eyes pecked out LOL

Long Island, NY – Williams Warrior’s Benefit Concert

Long Island, NY – William’s Warriors Benefit Concert

Westport, CT

Wenham, MA – A Surprise Birthday Concert! ????

Le Claire, IA – just hangin’ out with some goats. You know… The usual ????????

Lake Tapps, WA – Getting a ride in a beautiful vintage car

Lake Tapps, WA

Lake Tapps, WA – performing under the moon

Bremerton, WA – Inviting my host on stage to play a song!!

Bremerton, WA

Ashland, OR – Waking up to this at Irvine Vineyards ????

Martinez, CA

Keeping warm in a California State Park

Hollywood, CA

All the feels in Ventura, CA

En route back home

Me and dad

Dresden, ON (performing near my home town!)

Plymouth, MI (where my host proposed to his girlfriend ????)


annnd…If you made it THIS far.. I guess you get first dibs of the news:

I am planning my next tour already!
Can you believe it!? I just got home!! I should be sleeping for 156 days to recover!!!

…but no. My mind can’t sit still! I’m conjuring up my next tour plan for 2019!
Calling all Westcoast Vineyards!
(or friends of winery owners!)
I’m searching for vineyard concert hosts for my 2019 tour. Please get in touch if you or someone you know can help!


I love you thatisall.



can we be friends?

I solemnly swear to stick by you through thick & thin, and also to tell you when there's spinach in your teeth. lol

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