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PART 2 – a 1969 Vintage Camper Renovation

Jun 14, 2017

About a year ago, I finally found the love of my life: a 1969 vintage Bailey camper trailer from England.

The day that I got her, I named her Pearl and it was love at first sight. I had been searching high & low for the perfect trailer for years, and the instant I found her online, I knew she was the one. I drove about 4 hours to Barrie, ON to pick her up from a man who bought it only 2 months earlier in hopes to restore her.  He quickly realized how big of a job she was going to be and decided that he just didn’t have the time to dedicate to the renovation process. After gutting it, he put it up for sale and then I came along.

Here are some progress photos with 5 months into the renovation process. My dad (a super skilled carpenter), my mom (an incredibly creative and crafty lady) and myself have been working around the clock to bring Pearl to life.

The renovations begin

Finding Pearl: A 1969 Vintage Caravan

We started with the design process. Figuring out all the little bits and pieces to make this trailer a home on wheels is one of the most fun parts… Dreaming up the layout, including secret hidden nooks and crannies, and adding appliances to fit in this tiny space. I knew I wanted a sink set up with a stove, and a fridge. Also, storage space is a MUST, especially with the size of her, so we took all of these things into consideration before getting started with the reno.

Step one: replace all rotting boards in the frame.

Finding Pearl: A 1969 Vintage Caravan

Step two: measure until your arms hurt

Finding Pearl: A 1969 Vintage Caravan

Step three: build, build, build!

Finding Pearl: A 1969 Vintage Caravan
Finding Pearl: A 1969 Vintage Caravan

Step four: insulate & install the fixins

Finding Pearl: A 1969 Vintage Caravan
Finding Pearl: A 1969 Vintage Caravan
**Extra special thanks to Thetford Norcold for this incredible 3-way RV refrigerator. This has been a life saver. I’m looking forward to sharing more info on that in the coming posts, so stay tuned!

Step five: enjoy every moment

Finding Pearl: A 1969 Vintage Caravan

I realize I am making this post seem WAY easier than the reality of renovating a camper. I mean…She was empty when we got her. like. ComPLETELY empty. It sure is a process and a HUGE undertaking…. The first five months was really only the beginning! There were plenty of sweat and tears poured into Pearl, but every ounce poured with love.

I have to say I would never be able to do this without a carpenter papa and crafty mama! So BIG thanks & shoutouts to them! Also thank you to Thetford Norcold for being so patient with me in the promotion of this post! This camper took WAY longer than expected finally only now I am able to share details of the before & after. I will be making a post about Pearls ‘specs’ in the coming weeks, where you can find more info about the refrigerator, and the best way to power it on the road.

*Check out updates on #pearlthecamper HERE! Otherwise, see my ecstatic face the very day I picked up pearl. It’s sure to brighten your day!!! I was over the moon happy and I let the world know it!

Light & Love


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