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PART 3 – a 1969 Vintage Camper Renovation

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Jun 27, 2017

Here is an update on Pearl’s progress!!  All interior shots, these photos were taken from winter 2016 into spring 2017…. and approximately 7-10 months into Pearls facelift!

Walls = check.  Ceilings = check.  Fixed furniture = installed…. Why does it seem like there’s still so much to do!?!  If you’ve ever renovated a camper before, you’d probably know from experience that the work is never ending. Literally, it feels like there is details to fix at every single corner! And then when you get those fixed, there is a whole new corner that needs fixin’!   #renovationlife …. All I know is I could never be a contractor. I’d pull all of my hair out in about 3 seconds FLAT!
A note to the keeners: If you’re ever planning to take on a big renovation task, or try and redo ANYTHING that has the world *vintage* or *antique* in it, find a bottle of patience pills (if that even exists… new billion $$ idea?!) and eat them, every. single. day. Cause you’ll DEFINITELY need a lot of patience and perseverance to make your project come to life. Fact!!

Please enjoy some photos below at your leisure. Pearl is already done at this point so I can look at these and smile, rather than feel a burning sensation of angst with the amount of work to still be done. ????

#pearlthecamper renovation progress at thelovelyindie.com

Once the furniture is installed, it’s time to prime & paint!

#pearlthecamper renovation progress at thelovelyindie.com
#pearlthecamper renovation progress at thelovelyindie.com
#pearlthecamper renovation progress at thelovelyindie.com
#pearlthecamper renovation progress at thelovelyindie.com
#pearlthecamper renovation progress at thelovelyindie.com

Now that 2 coats of paint have dried, the cupboard doors are all set to go on!

#pearlthecamper renovation progress at thelovelyindie.com

Of course the cupboards wouldn’t be complete without mismatching knobs that I found at a thrift hardware store and sprayed with gold paint!

#pearlthecamper renovation progress at thelovelyindie.com

In comes the floor – MY FAVOURITE PART!
This made everything finally look like a real living space.

#pearlthecamper renovation progress at thelovelyindie.com
#pearlthecamper renovation progress at thelovelyindie.com

Let your eyes feast upon the almost finished #pearlthecamper
… Oh, and don’t mind the mess ????

#pearlthecamper renovation progress at thelovelyindie.com
#pearlthecamper renovation progress at thelovelyindie.com
#pearlthecamper renovation progress at thelovelyindie.com

Equipped with a beautiful RV Refrigerator (customized with the same panelling as the door & cupboards) by Thetford Norcold!

#pearlthecamper renovation progress at thelovelyindie.com
#pearlthecamper renovation progress at thelovelyindie.com

TADA! What a difference that floor makes, eh!? <— I went all Canadian on you. teehee
But in all seriousness, this is my final post before I reveal the Before & After of #pearlthecamper… Really looking forward to sharing all the little details that have made Pearl into a home on wheels, and the BEST tour bus / dressing room in the history of ever!

PS. BIG LOVE to mom and dad for helping me with this, even through the blood sweat and angry tears!!! Special thank you goes to Thetford Norcold for sponsoring an epic little RV refrigerator. I would be BEYOND lost without a fridge in this thing. It is so so appreciated. I will be making a post about Pearls ‘specs’ next week, where you can find more info about the refrigerator, and the best way to power it on the road!

Light & Love



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  1. Millie Pickett says:

    I am IN LOVE with PEARL!!! I am an OLD HIPPIE, probably your parents age and I have just bought my FIRST Vintage GLAMPER!!! I think she is lat 50’s, maybe early 60’s!!! I will be 62 in June and I have wanted one of these little beauties since I was a little girl!!! My GREAT GRANDMOTHER’S name is LOUELLA and was born in 1886…she was my “REAL” Grandmothers, as my my Grandmother lived in Florida when I was a child. You guessed it!!! My Beloved Glamper’s name is LOUELLA!!! I have just discovered you and your music! I have two daughters, one 32 and the other 27…you guessed it. My Baby…and I’ll Let You Go really struck a cord! I LOVE YOUR SWEET VOICE!!! GOD BLESS YOU!!!

    • Jessica Allossery says:

      Aw thank you Millie! That’s so awesome! Good luck with your new adventures in your new glamper called Louella! What a beautiful name! <3

  2. Jessica Allossery says:

    It wouldn’t be complete without gold & white! ????

  3. Jonny says:

    It looks amazing! A real home on wheels, with the comforts 🙂

    Great to have seen it in person for just a glance before your show a few weeks ago! It was great meeting you and being a part of your tour!

    Safe travels and enjoy your summer!

    • Jessica Allossery says:

      Thank you Jonny! It was SOO wonderful finally meeting you in person and I look forward to performing for you sometime again in Maine!

  4. Dave Wallace says:

    Incredible. Beautiful. I love all the white with the gold highlights!



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