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The best summer soundtrack to fall in love

September 27, 2015

Over 2 years ago I wrote a song. For months it sat around in my handwritten notebook, just waiting to be picked up, re-opened and turned into a beautifully produced single.  Last week I finally released it!

Thanks to my loyal fans, I was voted into the 98.1 Free FM competition and won. I got to work with a new team of amazingly talented people at EMAC studios, and create something beautiful… And the best of all? It was all sponsored!

It’s a good life.



“Love Parade gives imagery of joy, love and happiness. It’s the song that everybody who has ever loved can relate to. If you’re dancing in the meadow, taking a drive or saying ‘I do’, this song is a perfect fit for you. Jessica wrote the most beautiful collection of words to flow alongside a sweet melody, with ethereal imagery in mind. It will whisk you away somewhere peaceful, with somebody that you can trust and surrender your all.”





The funny thing is, I didn’t actually want to record this song. I was very unsure of a lot of things — I thought it might be too cheesy, and I was afraid it sounded too country… But the guys at Emac reassured me that we could really make something great. They helped to bring the best out of my music and fine tune the things that needed some extra love. I’m so lucky to have been able to work with the creative mind Moe Berg as the producer, and Rob Nation who took care of the mix and mastering. Their love for music is contagious and shines through with the work and effort that is always poured into their projects. We all worked so well together and I am still extraordinarily proud of what became of that little song that sat in my notebook for years.




Now I turn my focus out to you, my beautiful and lovely fans. I am looking for anybody who has radio and broadcast connections around the world. We all worked very hard to create something beautiful and I believe we really did!  Now it’s time to shout it out from the hill tops to people young and old. As an indie, label-less musician, promoting my music can be very difficult and expensive! So I have to put my faith into you, my fans, and rely on your help to promote my song to everyone that you know. I really want to share my summery flowery tune with everyone that might enjoy it…. On radio stations, around campus, in stores, cafes and restaurants. So Please, if there is ONE THING that you do today, share this blog post, and let’s get this song moving. 🙂



CLICK HERE to buy this song on bandcamp!

Love you all to the bottom of my soul 🙂

Be kind and stay lovely,



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