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Where does inspiration come from?

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Sep 29, 2015

What is it about inspiration?  Where does it come from? Art, films, nature? Trauma, heartache? Perhaps just a simple cup of tea and a flippin’ nice view? ... and hopefully that view consists of a sexy naked man…

In my opinion, the obvious answer to this question is: Love. I think most of the inspiration in the whole wide world has to do with relationships. Relationships with friends, family, a lover…Love consisting of a breakup, or maybe a new fresh romance. It’s natural to feel so many emotions when there are people in your life that you love so deeply.  By putting my trust on the line, many times I get frustrated and upset because these things aren’t reciprocated, and the relationship doesn’t work out…And then BAM!  New song. At least I’m winning. 🙂 The same goes for when I’m in the beginnings of a new relationship and everything is exciting. Everything is tingly. I love that feeling, just like everybody else does, and for the most part, those feelings of LOVE inspire me to write up new tunes.

Some more obvious inspirations are beautifully filmed films, poems that create imagery and stunning photography. All of these things inspire me because they stem from one specific thing: Travel.  Travel awakens my soul. It takes me to a brand new place, and allows me to open my eyes and open my heart. I feel so at peace when I’m travelling. If I can’t travel in that very moment, then I read a poem, or go find some beautiful photography to whisk me away to more stunning place.  Even sitting outside or going for a short walk will do it. But, of course, real travel is always the better option if you can afford it!



I also have a handful of really amazing friends and family. The people that surround my life really support me and challenge me to reach new heights in my art. I like having friends who are creative, because then we can be creative together in the same space. (I was with one of my best girlfriends having a cup of tea when I got the inspiration for my song Change the World.) My sisters, my parents, even Peachie puppy all inspire me with their behaviors and words. It’s quite lovely.

Here are a few more things little nuggets that inspire me:


*Motivational Speakers. They give me the courage and motivation to keep doing what I love to do, and give me faith that I will be able to support myself one day. P.S > My fans also have the same effect on me 🙂

* The moment of relaxation when I am just about to drift off to sleep. Many times, a jingle will come into my head, or a word, or a phrase. Then I have to force myself to wake up and type or hum it into my phone so that I don’t forget in the morning!

*If I am in the middle of my day, running errands, working or surfing the web, somebody might say the slightest phrase and it will be enough to inspire me. If this phrase or word is able to create imagery in my head, I know that it’s an important piece in my art, and I will type it in my phone to remember.

*Education. I wrote so many of my songs from my previous two albums while I was studying in college. Whether it was in between classes, after a heavy project, or during holidays. I was constantly able to pull my writing from daily life, and it came quite natural to me. I feel that when I learn things, my mind opens up to receive new information, and at the same time my imagination is set free into a new creative world. It’s a magical thing, and I am so fortunate to have education be a part of my creative process.

So…That’s all I got!!!  These are all the things that inspire me.
They make me the real person that I am and I’m darn proud of it.

Share some of the things that inspire you below!
Join the conversation, don’t be shy! Tell me all about YOU!

Thanks for reading.
Be kind and stay lovely!



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  1. David Wallace says:

    How about desperation!!?? I once wrote a song because I desperately wanted something to help me remember a beautiful moment I experienced.
    You could say that it was the Love of that special moment that caused me to get inspired, but what got me to sit down at the piano and create was
    a very real fear that something beautiful would be lost from my psyche in no time at all, lost in the clutter of this crazy busy world.
    How about someone desperately seeking solace because of a loss, a death, a break up? A person desperately seeking to find solace is
    in a wonderful position to create art.

    • Jessica Allossery says:

      Absolutely. That’s a beautiful place to create art! I agree David!!

      • Mahmood Mikdadi says:

        Hey Jessica Allossery How are ya?
        i just want to share my thoughts here with you, since yesterday i really enjoy reading your article is soo good
        and about the inspiration i know everyone is different everyone has his own world of creativity and inspiration
        side of myself, i always been fan of Music,Reading,Art
        these 3 things always inspire me what ever Art speak is true
        and when it comes to Reading and Music
        well then it’s something else.
        Books give to much ideas and knowlegde to your brain which is good to use these ideas for Music
        and when we want to bring the art to the music
        then we really create the magic
        Music, Reading, Art – completely insane..

        • Jessica Allossery says:

          I’m glad you enjoyed reading my article Mahmood! And thank you for sharing your own inspirations with us!



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