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Have a song request?

April 23, 2018

A fan asked if he could make a private donation to me, so that I could cover one of his favourite songs ‘Wasn’t Expecting That’ by Jamie Lawson. Luckily it’s also one of my favourites, so I was thrilled when we wanted to support me financially to create it for him!

I happily accepted the challenge and went on to make a cover video – the first one in a very very long time. I want to thank Daniel Mull for the encouragement and donation, and all of my beautiful patrons for the financial support to make this video possible.

Do you have a song request?

If I could fulfill every single song request that I receive weekly, I would! But being an independent artist, I wear so many hats that some days I even forget to eat lunch! That’s why, when an amazing fan asked if he could financially support me in exchange to cover his favourite song, I was sooo grateful and had an “AHA” moment!
Suddenly, the thought of making time for a cover song wasn’t so stressful, when I knew that I would be making someone very happy, AND it would be worth my time and effort on the financial side of things. This is why I have decided to open a dialogue here on the blog, in case there is anyone else who has always been dying to hear their favourite song in a different voice.

If you have always wanted to hear your favourite song being covered, now is the time to do it! I’ll be gratefully accepting donations to fulfill these requests, so if this sounds like something you’d be interested in, please get in touch and let’s see if we can make it happen!



Thank you, as always, for sticking around and being so awesome-sauce.

You make my life so good.


Sending big hugs!



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WATER: behind the lyrics

November 12, 2017

Who here loves water?
I hope EVERYONE in this room said “I” because our bodies are almost entirely made up of that stuff. It’s MEGA important!
Just as much as our deep breathing, heart pumping organs, water is a necessity for everything we do.

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hello from the road!

July 25, 2017

hey guess what…

I’M ON TOUR…!!!!!! and I’m soooo happy. 😄  I’ve been smiling my face off for days!

My first house concert tour in the USA has been amazing so far. The most epic-epically incredible – wonderful – rainbow with sprinkles & unicorns lovely that it could ever be. Continue Reading…

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Why I turned down a huge tour

April 1, 2017
Indie Musician Touring

I’m just gonna say it:
The music industry is as messed up as it gets.

As you can see, I’m a little more than mad. I don’t normally like writing posts that are negative in nature, but I just couldn’t let this one go. Let me dive straight into the reason why I am writing this post…

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🎃 A Halloween Delight 🎃

October 27, 2016
A Beautiful Rendition of a Heavy Metal Song - and a DIY Music video to go with it!

There’s something about the eerie darkness that has always fascinated me.

Am I a heartfelt, happy, inspired person? Yes. Do I have a dark side… Yes.

In film school I always thoroughly enjoyed making horror films. Writing, directing, editing… Everything about producing eerie movies, and bringing up unsettled nerves makes me feel very accomplished. Probably because it’s a creative way for me to let out my inner demons… Even if it’s ‘just for play’. Continue Reading…